New Covenant Giving

We believe that tithing was part of the old covenant law given specifically to Israel, and that cheerful giving is now the principle every church is called to do under the new covenant.

I. Giving must be from the overflowing joy we have in the gospel of Christ. (2Cor 8:9; 9:7ff)

  • It is our response to the generous outpouring of heavenly blessing in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. Not only that, but Jesus is also the pattern

II. Giving is our obedience to our covenantal obligation.

  • Members of a local church are obligated to share earthly goods with the laborer of the Word for the sustenance of the ministry. (Gal 6:6)
  • Our giving is considered a ‘sacrifice’ that is pleasing to the Lord. (Heb 13:15-16)

III. Giving is God’s means to bestow His blessings.

  • We give more in order to give more. (2Cor 9:6-11)
  • Cheerful giving helps us to mortify the sin of being greedy. (1Tim 6:9-10, 17-19)
  • God rewards every good work, that includes cheerful giving, because of the finished work of Christ.
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