Who we are

Our Elder

Pastor Xley Miguel

Xley grew up in Quezon City, Philippines under the care of his father, grandmother, and aunts. He was baptized in August 1, 2010 and became a regular attendee and a musician in a megachurch until around 2014. He married the love of his life, Van, in 2015, and they were blessed with two sons, Yosher and Calvin, and one daughter, Lexy. Xley learned Calvinism in late 2015, and studied Covenant Theology in 2017. His understanding of Reformed Theology became firm when he enrolled in Grace Ministerial Academy in 2018 under the teaching of Ptr. Noel Espinosa. In 2019, he and other men in their previous church decided to plant an outreach which will eventually become Christ’s Heritege Church. He was then ordained and installed as the pastor of the church in February 29, 2020. He loves to spend time with family, specifically date nights with his wife, and teaching theology to his two boys.