Unstable as Water (Genesis 35:22) by Ptr Xley Miguel

You may be a person who questioned a lot of things when something happens. You question it when.. I mean if something happens, whatever it is, you immediately question things. And in the past week you may have questioned why the logo of PAGCOR looks like that. Why it looks like it was, kumbaga parang freehand ang dating..baka ganun mo siya kinukwestyon. Or mas lalong tanong sa iyo, bakit 3 million ang bayad doon. Now when you read your Bible, you also question this part of the passage in Genesis chapter 35: why is the eldest brother, the firstborn son, the next in line.. what happened? Why? Bakit niya ito ginawa? Why did Reuben fornicated with a concubine of Jacob. And you’ve questioned it as well and rightfully so. God willing, we’ll be able to answer that. Turn with me to Genesis chapter 35. And then also we will read Genesis chapter 49. In Genesis chapter 35, we will read verse 22. And then we will immediately turn to 49. Let’s read Genesis chapter 35 verse 22. While Israel lived in that land, Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father’s concubine. And Israel heard of it. I will read the next part of that passage next week. Let’s turn to Genesis chapter 49 verses 3 to 4. Genesis chapter 49 3 to 4 “Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might, and the firstfruits of my strength, preeminent in dignity and preeminent in power. Unstable as water, you shall not have preeminence, because you went up to your father’s bed; then you defiled it—he went up to my couch! The grass withers the flower fades but the word of our God will stand forever.

Today we will focus on this one event in Genesis chapter 35 wrapped in one verse.. the sin of Reuben is too important not to be left out. Obviously we see here at face value we see sexual immorality, fornication with Jacob’s concubine Bilhah. Now we do not know whether this was coerced. We don’t know if this was consensual, but this is obviously incestuous. It is lust of the flesh. This is sin, no question about that. He committed fornication in his father’s bed with his father’s concubine. Concubine is parang wife na talaga. The way the concubine is treated is technically like a wife, okay. And then we read Genesis chapter 49. Many chapters after 35, chapter 49 when Jacob was about to die, he blessed his sons, okay. If you have read chapter 49 before, you will see yung bago mamatay si Jacob, binigyan niya nga kani-kaniyang mga blessings or benediction ang kaniyang mga anak..inisa-isa niya. Hat kung babasahin natin, makikita natin tinawag niya si Judah na lion cub. He called Issachar a strong donkey. He called Dan a serpent. He called Napthali a doe. He called Benjamin a ravenous wolf and yet in verse 4, he called Reuben the firstborn, the eldest, he was likened to an inanimate water. Tanggapin mo ba iyon? Ikaw ang pinaka firstborn, ikaw tubig? Yung iba, ravenous wolf,…tubig. I mean it says Reuben was unstable as water. Sabi pa ni Jacob, you shall not have preeminence because, eto yung reason..this is the reason why he was called to ba an unstable water..this is the reason why he was judged in a sense to not have preeminence: because you went up to your father’s bed then you defiled it. ‘He went up to my couch.’ Unstable as water. You know when you have a glass of water and you turn the glass upside down. Hindi ito yung katulad ng mga famous ice cream brand na kapag ginanun mo, hindi tutulo, babagsak yung tubig, right. Tatapon siya. Hindi siya magiging firm, kakapit doon sa baso; siya ay tatapon. In fact, kung nakasara pa nga iyan kung meron kang water jug, itabingi lang yan, gagalaaw pa rin yung tubig. Uncontrollable in its original language. Unstable, uncontrollable, okay. Reckless, mabilis bumigay, okay. Hindi niya kaya maging firm lamang. Dependent siya sa movement ng glass. Just like Reuben, madali siyang bumigay sa temptations, madali siyang bumigay sa kasalanan.. unstable. It means reckless; in other translations uncontrolled. He wasn’t stable, he wasn’t firm.

But you know, isn’t he like us also? We at times become unstable as well. Tanggapin natin, hindi tayo ravenous wolves, hindi tayo doe, tayo rin ay mga tubig. Sometimes we give in, sometimes we lose faith and then at times we come back up. That’s basically the christian life, right? Christian life is full of ups and downs, it is full of highs and lows, merong instability ang ating spiritual life. Madali tayong bumigay sa kasalanan, and then tatayo rin tayo kaagad, bibigay na naman tayo, that is a common christian problem. Maganda yung sinabi ni Spurgeon and I’d like to quote him. He said: “Have we not this day to lament that we have been very changeable and inconstant even unstable as water? How unstable have we been? Today we have climbed the top of Pisgah, Pisgah is a mountain, and have viewed the heavenly landscape over by the eye of faith. Tomorrow we have been plunged in the dungeon of despair and could not call a grain of hope our own. Today we have feasted at the banqueting table of communion, tomorrow we have been exclaiming oh! that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even unto His feet.” Yes, we know that Spurgeon was talking about basically the christian life how unstable we are as well. And we know that spiritual stability is something that we cannot attain in this lifetime. Hindi natin kaya in this Earthly life. However, brethren, it can be pursued. That is my message this afternoon Spiritual Stability Must Be A Virtue Worthy To Pursue. Let me share to you two specific points. In times of instability, what is our comfort? That is my first point Comfort In Instability and what is our calling? Second point is Commitment To Stability.

Let us consider the first point, Comfort In Instability. Remember, in the story, Rachel just died. Namatay yung pinakamamahal, pinakaminamahal ni Jacob.Mas mahal niya kay Leah mas mahal niya kay Bilhah, mas mahal pa niya kay Zilpah..si Rachel lamang. And Reuben, the eldest, being the eldest, siya yung anak ni Leah, okay. The wife, remember? Si Leah yung asawa na hindi minamahal. She was the one who was unloved. And so Reuben obviously didn’t want Bilhah to be next in line. Reuben did not want Bilhah, the maidservant, the handmaid of the one who died to be the next one, the next wife who will receive the the genuine love of Jacob. Reuben did not want that. So by committing this incestuous act, I mean, nadungisan si Bilhah. Namatay si Rachel; it seems as if the next in line is the maidservant of Rachel, who is Bilhah. Because of the sin of Reuben, in a way, nadungisan, may disgrace na nangyari kay Bilhah. Jacob would instead love Leah and Leah’s children more, that includes Reuben.

Not only that. In the ancient Near East, committing a sexual sin with the leader’s concubine or a wife, it is a form of rebellion it means usurping one’s authority. If you are familiar with Absalom and David.. When Absalom wanted the throne of David, he was given this kind of counsel in 2nd Samuel chapter 16 verse 21 someone gave counsel to Absalom. Ano ba ang gagawin ko, sabi ni Absalom. At sabi ni Ahitophel kay Absalom: “Go in to your father’s concubines, whom he has left to keep the house, and all Israel will hear that you have made yourself a stench to your father, and the hands of all who are with you will be strengthened.” Ganun ang ginawa ni Absalom. Nakipagtalik siya sa mga concubines ni David as a form of rebellion para dungisan ang trono ni David. Ganun din ang dating nitong ginagawa ni Reuben, okay. So the sin of Reuben is not just plain and near sexual immorality. It’s not just motivated by sexual passion although it is. Rather he was making sure that his mother, Leah would replace Rachel, but also that he would gain preeminence, kaangatan, right. Preeminence over his father. The fact that he was able to commit that fornication with a concubine of his father, that shows seemingly preeminence. Mas mataas na siya sa kanyang ama, right.

Again, preeminence not just over his brothers, but primarily over his own father. Now Genesis chapter 49 makes sense, right. When you read Genesis 49 and when Reuben is judged through the benediction, right. Babalikan natin mamaya yan but before, may kinuha pa si Reuben eh. May kinuha pa si Reuben. Chapter 37. He tried to gain his father’s favour. Chapter 37, if you’re familiar with Joseph and because of the the envy of his brothers, his brothers wanted to kill him. And then here, the eldest brother Reuben, suggested something. Sabi sa Genesis chapter 37 verse 22, sabi ni Reuben, brothers, shed no blood, throw him into this pit here, in the wilderness but do not lay a hand on him. Imagine, his brothers wanted to kill Joseph and then Reuben says don’t kill him. Just throw him into this pit, right. And when his brothers threw him, what happened? Reuben went back. Reuben went back verse 29 to 30 when Reuben returned to the pit alone, when he returned to the pit and saw that Joseph was not in the pit, he tore his clothes and returned to his brothers and said the boy is gone, and I, where shall I go? If he was really concerned about his brother, he shouldn’t even have suggested for Joseph to be thrown into the pit. Rather for his brothers to stop hurting your brother, right period. Now that he couldn’t find Joseph, he was afraid because as the eldest son, he would be accountable as he was responsible for his brothers. Natakot na siya kasi siya yung pinakaresponsable sa kanyang mga kapatid. How can he now gain the favour back, right? Yung pabor ng kaniyang ama. See kung anong motivation pa rin ni Reuben during this time… himself! He doesn’t really care about Joseph. I mean if he cares about his brother, he could have told his brothers don’t kill this brother of ours. But he said itapon nyo lang siya, I mean siguro sa kanyang isipan, babalikan ko yan mamaya tapos ako mismo ang magiging deliverer. Ako ang lalabas na rescuer dito at I sasama ko sya sa aking, dalhin ko sya sa aking ama. That’s not what happened, right. If Joseph was in the pit, he could have been the hero of the story if he brings back Joseph. So again, see, he had motivations like this, to be what? To be preeminent, na manguna. Na maging kataas-taasan sa kanilang pamilya.

And so since the sin, since the time rather, since the time of his sexual sin with Bilhah, the only thing we know about Jacob’s reaction, balikan natin yung chapter 35. Nung ginawa niya yun kay Bilhah, ano ba kasing reaction ni Jacob? Ang sabi doon — Israel heard of it. In other translations, Israel heard about it. That’s it! Yun lang yung nangyari. Nung narinig ni Israel or ni Jacob na hinalay ng kanyang eldest son ang concubine niya, that’s it.. he just heard about it. It’s as if parang wala siyang ginawa, at hindi na niya binalikan at nakalimutan na niya.

But 43 years later, Genesis chapter 49, he was on his deathbed, he was about to give blessings to his sons in a prophetic act. He was about to give curses even to some. Genesis chapter 49 verse 3. Again, balikan natin. Ano ba ang mga motivations ni Reuben? So of course may sexual passion doon, mayroong motivation na maging preeminent over his, not just his brothers, but also his own father. Now come the judgment. Genesis chapter 49 verse 3. Reuben, sabi ni Jacob, you are my firstborn. You are my might, you are the first fruits of my strength, preeminent in dignity and preeminent in power. Jacob was saying, that’s what you have Reuben. Natural preeminence because you are my firstborn, because you are the first one, therefore naturally, you have preeminence in power and dignity. In fact you, in a way, you have an authority over your little brothers. In that sense, you have preeminence. Verse 4 unstable as water, you shall not have preeminence because you went up to your father’s bed then you defiled it. He went up to my couch! Parang commentary yung sinabi ni Jacob ‘no. Kausap niya si Reuben..Reuben, you, you, you, and then parang he went out to m y couch. Parang ganun yung dating. May galit. Hindi nakalimutan ng kanyang ama. He was saying, Reuben, yes you are preeminent because you are my firstborn, ikaw yung talagang naturally, you are preeminent. But Reuben, because you committed that sin with my concubine Bilhah, you shall not have what you aspire.

Reuben gets the opposite of what he wanted. He shall not have preeminence. He forfeited his blessing of being a firstborn because of his sin. Isn’t this the usual consequence of our sins. And sometimes we want to be, you know, preeminent in a sense na gusto natin manguna sa ibang bagay, right. And we will commit a sin just so we can attain that. And yet because we committed a sin, it is the opposite that we get. You want something and yet we reap what we sow. We get the opposite of what we want. We get the worst things instead of what we want because of our sin. And what’s more important is that you would think Jacob has forgotten this. But no! Many years after prior his death, he makes sure that he would pronounce such judgment on Reuben, right. Akala mo nagkalimutan na tayo. Sin will be judged. There will be consequences for your actions for your sins.

Now of course God provided an escape from such judgment. I mean all of us have sinned. And all of our sins must be judged. Lahat ng kasalanan ay mapaparusahan. Walang kasalanan na hindi mapaparusahan. Kahit yung tingin mong napakaliit lamang na kasalanan mo, na naisip mo lang. Baka nga millisecond sin lang yan, ‘no. Baka nga yung sin mo lang na hindi mo nga alam na sin pala na unaware ka but it is sinful. Even that, it’s punishable by death. By spiritual death, that is enough. That is enough to damn a person into eternity of wrath because God is holy, perfectly holy, holy, holy holy.

But the good news is that God provided an escape from His own wrath. And that provision is none other than Jesus Christ whose life was perfect and whose death was sacrificial and substitutionary. Substitutionary meaning He was the one judged on that cross as He bore the sins of His people. if the punishment already so that his people will not be punished anymore. And we know that the justice of God was satisfied, we know that God has accepted the sacrifice of Christ because Christ rose from the dead. That’s like saying, God the Father is saying accepted. Satisfied ang wrath ng Panginoon when we saw His resurrection. And because of Christ’s works, sabi ni Paul sa Colossians 1 that in everything, He might be preeminent. And if you repent of your sins and have faith in God’s provision of Christ, you will be saved from His wrath. So repent now and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

So see, again, no sins will be left unpunished. If you think after 43 years na walang, kasi, it seems as if Israel had heard about it, and that’s it! And yet mga huling sandali ni Jacob, makikita natin yung hustisya in a prophetic way. Here’s what’s going to happen to you, Reuben, you shall not have preeminence. May consequence ang iyong kasalanan.

No sins will be left unpunished, brethren, friends. Either it happened on the cross already, or it is yet to be meted out eternally. Kung ikaw ay na kay Kristo, then nandun na sa krus, hinusggahan na ang ating mga kasalanan. Kung ika’y wala kay Kristo, then it will take eternity para sa hustisya ng Panginoon.

Sabi ni J.I. Packer sa Knowing God, he said: “God will see that each person sooner or later receives what he deserves. If not here, then hereafter. This is one of the basic facts of life.” If you are in Christ, you will get; kung ikaw ay na kay Kristo, you will get what the work of Christ deserves. And that is the escape from God’s justice and the abundance of spiritual blessings. But if you are not in Christ, you will get what you deserve — and that is the eternity in hell.

So challenge ko sa inyo, especially sa inyo, mga kapatid, Take comfort..take comfort that the justice of God was satisfied already on the cross of Christ. That is a comforting doctrine for all of us. Of course remember, there are still temporary consequences here of our sins. Meron pa rin. There may be broken relationships because of sin, it may affect you personally, your job, your family. But you, you must face these consequences. And know that these consequences are not eternal. Because the eternal consequences of sin which is eternal wrath has already been meted out on that cross! And what a comfort that is brethren. Take comfort in that.

Sabi ni Jonathan Edwards, ah, sorry si Jonathan Edwards, um, you know him. He’s well known for his sermon entitled Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God. But if you look for his other sermons, you want to know the title? The Justice Of God In The Damnation Of Sinners. Here’s is another one Wrath To The Uttermost. Here’s another one The Eternity Of Hell’s Torments. Meron pang isa: The End Of The Wicked Contemplated By The Righteous. Now don’t get me wrong, Edwards was not a fire and brimstone preacher na parang pupunta siya sa pulpito, may hawak siyang whip at talagang Iaano niya kayong lahat, hindi siya ganun. He preached regularly about hell, yes! But that was to awaken sinners who remain in the realm of the enemy. And when you hear such sermon titles, parang nakakatakot naman but that is the reality. But let me also assure your brother and sister, if you are in Jesus Christ, the angry God, the justice of God, the wrath to the uttermost, the torments, have already been poured out on the cross. Just so you and I will never, ever receive them. Take comfort that the God whom we sin against daily does not, and will not punish His own and that is because of Jesus Christ.

Brethren God is just. This is why no sin must go unpunished. The question is did it happen on the cross or will it happen to you in the future in eternity? Well Christ died and bore our sins and received the just punishment for it. Isn’t that comforting to know? Isn’t it comforting that the sins we committed before will not damn us in eternity? Isn’t it comforting to know na yung sinful thought that we have, kanina lang, kanina lang during lunch fellowship, kaninang paggising mo, yung lumabas sa bibig mo. That is enough for one to be eternally damned. And yet it will not happen to you kasi binuhos na ng Diyos ang galit Niya sa krus. Isn’t that comforting enough that the pride that you have..marahil yung pride na yun ay nandiyan pa rin hanggang ngayon. Ngayon mismo na yung simple anger mo, yung sexual lust mo na hirap na hirap tayo na nagbibigay sa atin ng sorrow, na napapagod ang ating kaluluwa dahil sa kasalanang ito. Pero nakikita mo naman yung growth mo na sina-sanctify ka ng Panginoon, how you are enabled to pray, how you are enable to say no to temptations and yet, there are times seemingly, you think that you’re defeated. You’re not defeated. It is a battle already won. You know why? Because someone else took all the punishment. Yung mga kasalanan mo before, ngayon at in the future, yung nararapat na hustisya ay tinanggap na at na-pour na sa ating Panginoong Hesukristo. What a comfort that is. Now you can sleep soundly. Now you can wake up without thinking galit ba sa akin ang Diyos? Hindi galit ang Diyos. Now you can, you can freely enjoy life, celebrate life. Enjoy the fellowship and have something in common. You, we are saved, redeemed by Christ. We can enjoy this fact and not worry about what will happen in eternity. Is God angry at me? Am I in the hand of an angry God ? The answer is no! You are in the arms of our loving Father because of what Christ has done on that cross. What comfort that is that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is our substitute. Isn’t it comforting that we who are spiritually unstable is forever stable in Christ. We are loved by the Lord. We’re not going to receive such punishments because of what Christ has done.

Let’s look at the second point, Commitment To Stability. And so Reuben was called unstable as water. He was called unstable as water because of his sin with Bilhah. He easily gave in to sexual passions. He easily gave in to his desire to be preeminent. Yung temptations na manguna, maging mataas, he easily gave in. Instead of just rescuing his, rescuing his brother Joseph, he was unstable. He was uncontrollable, he was reckless in his decisions as the eldest son.

And you will see in Genesis chapter 49, there is a comparison. How ironic it is that in Genesis chapter 37 the one who has the authority na sana niligtas niya si Joseph. Pagdating ng Genesis chapter 49, there is the, that comparison between the two. In Genesis chapter 39, we have to look at the life of Joseph. Genesis chapter 39. He was in the house of Potiphar. You may probably are aware of this. The wife of Potiphar tempted Joseph. At ilang beses sinabi sa kanya nung wife — lie with me, lie with me. Verse 7 of Genesis chapter 39. And you know how many times that temptation happened? Verse 10 tells us: as she spoke to Joseph day after day… imagine! Imagine you’re Joseph, and then you are alone with the wife of Potiphar and then Potiphar tells you: lie with me, not once a week; day after day. And what was Joseph’s response? Ano’ng response ni Joseph? Sabi doon: he would not listen to her. Wow! Imagine! I mean in our age now, I mean just imagine that the temptation is there with you already in the house probably in the same room and then lie with me and then Joseph had the strength to not listen. And yet in our age now, when we scroll, sometimes we stop, and we entertain. And here we have Joseph…. he would not listen to her. And then we all know what happened because he did that, he was accused. right. Joseph was wrongfully accused. We will talk more about Joseph in uh the next months or next years. Hindi natin alam kung hanggang kelan ang ating Genesis.

So, on Genesis chapter 49 again, dito na natin makikita ang comparison ng dalawa. When Jacob was giving his blessings to his son Reuben. Again, Reuben was the unstable as water. And then when it’s Joseph’s turn, again huh. Si Reuben yung unstable as water, uncontrollable. In Joseph’s turn, verse 22 chapter 49, Joseph is a fruitful bow. A fruitful bow by a spring. His branches run over the wall verse 23. The archers bitterly attacked him, shot at him and harassed him severely. Verse 24 and yet, his bow remained unmoved.. remained unmoved. There’s this eldest son who was unstable, and there is this one who is unmoved. And then it says his arms were made agile by the hands of the mighty one of God. See the difference. Despite of the attacks of the enemies, despite of the daily attacks, the daily temptations of the wife, his bow remained steady and firm. And he returns fire not without, not with his own strength, but of his mighty God. And note that Joseph could have easily be swayed. Pwedeng bumigay si Jospeh eh. It was only him and Potiphar’s wife. For sure, given that Joseph was also like us, such temptations were there. No one will see you. She’s not going to tell her husband. She’s not gonna tell others as long as you both keep this to yourselves. And again, that happens daily, that happened daily. Joseph could have yielded to the temptations. But we know he did not. Remember, remember, baka sabihin natin perpekto si Joseph. He wasn’t perfect. At the end of the day, he’s like us who are sinners. In fact there was a better One capital “O” One. There was a better one who lived here on Earth. One who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Hebrews chapter 4 verse 15. And that is Jesus Christ. Kung tingin niyo, grabe ang pinagdaanan ni Joseph, grabe yung temptations na yon. Mas grabe ang temptations ni Kristo. When He was tempted by satan in Matthew chapter 4, He did not waver. He did not compromise, He was not like the first Adam who was just tempted once and then easily gave in. He wasn’t just, he wasn’t like Reuben who immediately gives in to temptations to to be preeminent and to his sexual passions. He did not compromise. He did not give in to the temptations of the devil himself.

Unlike us, He did not have any sinful impulses that originated from Himself. Tayo meron eh. Merong ipapaalala sa atin ng kalaban na probably ginawa natin before. Dahil meron tayong kasalanan within us. Si Kristo walang kahit anong impulse, sinful impulse. He was steadfast. He stood firm. But see He wasn’t just tempted to sin during that time. He persevered to be sinless up to the end. Baka tingin natin Matthew 4 lamang ang testing ng Kanyang pagiging sinless, no! Yung buong buhay ni Kristo! He persevered to the end. Sinless all His life.

And if you are in Him, you are called to imitate Him. The same call applies to us today that in the midst of the fiery darts for us, for our bows to be unmoved. In the midst of the daily trials, temptations and pressures in life, things outside of yourselves. Our call is to be steadfast in the Lord Jesus.

Maganda yung sinabi ni Mark Jones sa kanyang book na Knowing Christ and I’d like to quote him. He said: “We will never know in this life just how many and how difficult were Christ’s temptations while He lived on earth. His family, friends, disciples, kinsmen and the devil assaulted Him. In the face of unbelief, He may have been tempted to be callous or indifferent. But instead, He showed patience, compassion and mercy. Indeed the temptations on Earth were designed so that even today, as our high priest in heaven, Jesus will show the same to us.”

Our hope of steadfastness rely on the work of Christ. Our call to not be unstable here in on Earth relies on the work of Christ because Christ lived a steadfast life. We have someone to imitate, we have a pattern. But not only that, because He died and rose again. We are enabled by the Spirit to be steadfast like Him. So challenge ko sa lahat: stand firm! Stand firm, do not be unstable as water. Stand firm. Be unmoved. Stand firm by looking to the steadiness of Christ. That is your fuel. Christ. Siya lamang. Because of Him and His work, you are enabled to be steadfast. Because of Him, you have Someone to imitate. How does it look like? How the standing firm look like? Look to the steadiness of Christ. When he was tempted by Satan, He did not move, He was stable. In fact, He used the word of God. Do not yield to the temptations of the enemy. Look to the One who did not yield. Stand firm when there are attacks. When you are pressured by this world. Look to the One who stood firm against all temptations.

See, standing firm is not a call to charge against Satan, charge, let’s go! Let’s fight Satan! So good. Hindi yun ang standing firm. It is to endure the attacks and not give in. The problem is that we’ve become complacent when it comes to temptations. We have forgotten how cunning the enemy is. We have forgotten the seriousness of a life of spiritual stability. We have forgotten the many imperatives of scripture. How the New Testament writers wrote about our calling to stand firm many times. Ephesians 6, because our enemies are not flesh and blood. Paul says take up the whole armour of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand firm. Standing firm means wearing the armour of God, you’re so dwelt by the word of God. That you’re so ready to unleash the sword of the Spirit from the wreath and then use the word of God as well when you are tempted just like what Christ has done. First Corinthians chapter 15 verse 58 therefore my beloved brothers sabi ni Paul, be steadfast, be immovable. Tumindig ka. Huwag ka dapat madaling madala sa agos ng tukso. Huwag kang parang tubig na magpapadala ka kung saan papunta yung gravity. Second Peter chapter 3 verse 17, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people. Ano pa ang sinabi ni Peter? Take care and lose, take care that you lose your own stability.

So see how this is a common calling in the New Testament to stand firm. Bakit? Kasi ganito atake sa yo ni satanas. Aatakihin ka niya. It-tempt ka niya. No, hindi ka niya tatakutin..hindi siya magsusuot ng nakakatakot and then ‘brrr’. Hindi ka niya tatakutin ng ganun. Lalayo ka sa kaniya. No, he wants you to, na lumapit ka pa lalo. And he might disguise himself as an angel of light so that you would say, you would say oh, ayos pala ito ah. Hindi naman pala sinful ito. Maganda pala ito, masarap pala ito. And yet, that’s the very, yun yung mismong time na, na talaga, aatakihin ka na ng demonyo. Pero sabi ng mga apostles, sabi ng mga writers ng New Testament, no, stand firm. Stand firm. Tumindig ka! Samahan mo pa ng prayer, praying at all times sabi ni Paul.

Say no to temptations. That is what standing firm is. Tumindig ka, alamin mo kung kasalanan iyan. Huwag kang bumigay. Let us not be like Reuben who easily yields in a watery way. Rather let us stand firm like how Christ stood firm. do we easily give in to temptations? Do we diilli-dally with sin? It is one thing to be weak, it is one thing to be watery. It is another thing to actually entertain sin. Stand firm by looking to the steadiness of Christ. And brethren, at times, there will be times na magiging unstable tayo as water. Like I said, we won’t be able to attain such stability while we are here in this cursed world. But our assurance rests in the fact that we are forever stable in Christ. And the fact that we are forever stable in Christ, we are enabled to stand firm and be steadfast as well in our faith. Let that truth encourage you today and the rest of the days, brethren. May the word of God enrich our knowledge of Him and may it stir us to live in light of these truths.

Let us pray. Our great God and gracious Father, thank You O Lord for You have given us the the source of steadfastness and the example of steadfastness and that is Your Son Jesus Christ. Lord we ask that You would strengthen us. Lord it is not easy because of our sin, because of our past sins, oh Lord we are reminded of them, we are reminded of how deceiving such sins. And there are times when we think that it’s good to have them again, to commit them again. But Lord may we stand firm and say no and remember how cunning the enemy is and remember how sinful sin is and remember how Christ pursued holiness. So Lord thank You, thank You Lord that You have given us Jesus Christ who is our substitute and because of Him, we can definitely take comfort in the fact that Your justice, Your wrath has been satisfied on that cross. Lord, I pray that it would affect us in a way that we would all the more desire the gospel, all the more desire fellowship, desire the Lord’s Day worship. Allow us O Lord to live a life of spiritual stability that we would pursue it, that as we pursue it we’re looking always to Christ. And so Lord we thank You, we praise You for this time in Jesus’ Name, amen.


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