The One Who Leads Us Home (Genesis 46:31-47:6) by Ptr. Xley Miguel

Good afternoon everyone. Please turn your Bibles to Genesis chapter 46: 31 to chapter 47 verse 6. Chapter 46: 31 to chapter 47:6. So remember Joseph was promoted into the becoming.. he became rather a governor or the second in command. He was like Pharaoh himself, it says in Genesis, and then he was given wisdom by the Lord. He managed the the grain, the food that the entire country will enjoy for another seven years. And we have seen how the severe famine has also affected not just Egypt but also its surrounding nations including the land of Canaan which we know as the promised land. And so when Joseph finally met his father, and now we read verse 31. I’ll be reading from the ESV Genesis chapter 46: 31 says Joseph said to his brothers and to his father’s household, “I will go up and tell Pharaoh and will say to him, ‘My brothers and my father’s household, who were in the land of Canaan, have come to me. And the men are shepherds, for they have been keepers of livestock, and they have brought their flocks and their herds and all that they have.’ When Pharaoh calls you and says, ‘What is your occupation?’ you shall say, ‘Your servants have been keepers of livestock from our youth even until now, both we and our fathers,’ in order that you may dwell in the land of Goshen, for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.” Chapter 47 So Joseph went in and told Pharaoh, “My father and my brothers, with their flocks and herds and all that they possess, have come from the land of Canaan. They are now in the land of Goshen.” And from among his brothers he took five men and presented them to Pharaoh. Pharaoh said to his brothers, “What is your occupation?” And they said to Pharaoh, “Your servants are shepherds, as our fathers were.” They said to Pharaoh, “We have come to sojourn in the land, for there is no pasture for your servants’ flocks, for the famine is severe in the land of Canaan. And now, please let your servants dwell in the land of Goshen.” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Your father and your brothers have come to you. The land of Egypt is before you. Settle your father and your brothers in the best of the land. Let them settle in the land of Goshen, and if you know any able men among them, put them in charge of my livestock.”

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. So again, after meeting his father Jacob in Goshen, Joseph gave instructions to Jacob and the rest of his family as to what to do. Joseph as, I mean being a wise man, told his family that he will talk, he himself will talk to pharaoh and he will tell Pharaoh that Jacob, his father and his brothers are shepherds and that they have brought all of their livestocks. There is no pasture left in the land of Canaan. They need to be able to labour. They need to be able to continue living and Joseph chose the land of Goshen for them. And then Joseph continued giving instructions to his family. He said that if Pharaoh asks them what is your occupation, Jacob and the rest, what are your occupations, Joseph told them that they should confirm they should indeed say that they were they are shepherds since birth. Not only that, when Joseph went up to Pharaoh, when it happened, he made sure that his family were already in Goshen, by the way. When he was about to tell Pharaoh, my family will live in Goshen, they’re all shepherds, they’re already there; they’re already, it says in Genesis chapter 47:1 they are now in the land of Goshen. He knew that Goshen was the best of all the land. It was a wise strategy of of Joseph to make sure that they’re already there, para wala nang masabi pa si Pharaoh, andun na sila, okay. He knew that Goshen was the best of all the land. He knew also that Goshen was an isolated place and he knew, Joseph knew that the Egyptians hated Hebrews. If you remember when Joseph invited the brothers to eat? The Egyptians were also there but they were separated because Egyptians hated Hebrew, hated the people of Canaan basically, specifically the family of Israel. Not only that, it says in our text, the Egyptians hated shepherds. So Goshen was a place chosen by Joseph separated from the main population of Egypt. It was a perfect place kung san protected sila from Egyptians. Egyptians hated them, Egyptians hated shepherds. It was a place where majority of the population of Egypt was in fact not in Goshen. It was a perfect place for them, Joseph had a perfect plan. Again, see the wise strategy of Joseph, most importantly see the faithfulness of God in providing for His people in being faithful in his covenant with them with his fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. See God’s providence as well on how he has trained Joseph to be a wise leader to make such decisions for the benefit of His people. We can see here again that in order for Israel and his family to be safe from the severe famine, their place of safety has been secured already by Joseph. It was secured already by the wise mediator, Joseph, and I say mediator because he stands in the middle. Without him, there won’t be any safety for Israel and his family. I mean Israel or Jacob won’t be able to directly approach pharaoh and talk to Pharaoh if Joseph was not there. He basically stood there like a mediator, the man in the middle between pharaoh and Israel, between Egypt and Israel.

Mediator means someone in the middle. In fact if you look at the kids’ catechism, it says what the question is what is a mediator? The answer is someone who presents others before specifically before God and acts on their behalf.

What Joseph did was in fact a picture of the same Mediator that you and I have— one who presents people to a better King, to a better ruler. It’s a perfect picture of the same Mediator that we all know. In fact, a greater Mediator because He doesn’t mediate between two human beings like pharaoh and Israel. Rather, He is the Mediator between two opposing forces: basically God and man. Man opposes God. Here’s your Mediator, the man in the middle, the God-man who reconciles God and man. Man rebels against God and yet the Mediator as we know Jesus Christ, brings man to God so that man can truly be in his Goshen, in his home, so man can truly be home. That’s what you have, that’s what we all have. That’s what we can all see in the work of Jesus Christ. Perfectly pictured in the narrative in the many parts of the story of Joseph in fact but specifically in their in our passage today, we see that someone stood in the middle so that Jacob and his family will be blessed. So that Jacob and his family will be able to go home to Goshen and be safe and be protected and be blessed by the Lord.

Now, if that happened to them, what about us who had.. who have a greater or perfect Mediator in Jesus Christ? Isn’t Jesus Christ the perfect one, the perfect Mediator? Isn’t He…by the way, isn’t the home that He prepared for us also greater, also a better one we have a better Mediator and a better home that He Himself prepared for us. In fact, that is our message this afternoon. God provides an intermediary which also means Mediator. God Provides An Intermediary So We Can Be Home. God made Joseph to be the intermediary between pharaoh and Israel and his family so that they can be home. Christian, you have a greater Intermediary and you have home prepared for you. Let us discuss this with these two points: first, Provision Of Home and lastly, Provision Of Intermediary.

Let’s consider the first point, Provision Of Home. Remember, Goshen was the best of all the lands in Egypt. Israel and his family will be protected in Egypt. Again, because majority of Egyptians are not there, so meaning yung religion ng Egyptians, hindi sila mahahaluan, right. Hindi sila mahahawa sa pagan religion ng Egyptians. So be easier for them to live there, they will be protected. And in fact, yun yung selling point din ni Joseph by the way, right. He said in chapter 46 verse 34 …for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians, right. Selling point niya yun kay Pharaoh. Why? Because there won’t be any conflict for Pharaoh, less conflict. That’s why it’d be better for Israel and his family to live there because not many of these Egyptians live there it’d be better for Pharaoh no conflict at all. It’ll be easier. Wise si Joseph, at the same time it’s for the good of Israel and his family.

Matthew Henry comments on this. He said: “Joseph desired that they might live separately, that they might be in less danger both of being infected by the vices or religion of the Egyptians, and being insulted by the malice of the Egyptians.” So see, multi-purpose protection, but at the same time remember, it’s the best of all the lands, meaning it has pastures for the livestock. They will in fact grow there exponentially, they will be fed by the Lord in Goshen. Multi- purpose protection, blessing. That’s what they have, their new home, right. It will be a new home for them. Remember, their home was Canaan. That was God’s promise to them, that was a land of promise; and yet God, kumbaga, nire-route sila sa ibang lugar, sa Goshen, which becomes their temporary home, it’s still home. It’s God’s plan for them to be there, yes, live surrounding with… being surrounded by pagans, Egyptians and yet they will be protected there. They will be blessed there. Their new home was a place of protection. Their new home was a place full of blessings, material blessings to be specific; a place where the shepherds can continue in their work unhindered by the Egyptians by the way. But ultimately, here’s the reason why Joseph chose Goshen. It’s because Goshen was located at the border of Egypt and it will be easier to go back to Canaan from Goshen. It was a great escape route. And that’s what’s going to happen. Remember in Genesis chapter 15, this is something that God Himself has already said to Abraham in Genesis chapter 15 verse 13-14, God talked to Abraham and He said then the Lord said to Abraham, “Know for certain that your offspring that’s of course Jacob and Israel to be specific and all his descendants.. that your offspring will be sojourners or pilgrims or foreigners or aliens in a land that is not theirs and they will be servants there.. this is God speaking to Abraham years ago. And they will be what? afflicted for 400 years. See: the persecution the suffering has been prophesied by God Himself. God says this will happen to your descendants, my people.. they will go to a foreign land and will be persecuted there. It will be a temporary home for them. And then God says But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve… this is a judgment already prophesied by God for Egypt. That He will judge the nation of Egypt and afterward it says they shall come out with great possessions. God says Israel will stay there for 400 years afflicted and yet I will judge Egypt and Israel will be able to come out of it with great possessions. See the wisdom of Joseph. He knew! Joseph knew! In fact it is in the last chapter. In Genesis chapter 50, before he died, Joseph said in verse 24 chapter 50, Joseph said to his brothers: I am about to die, but God will visit you (so he knew, he knew the promise of God) and God will visit you and bring you up out of this land to the land that he. swore to Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob. A wise faithful man of God believed in the promise of God. He so believed in the promise of God that He chose Goshen because He knew that it was an escape, easy escape route for them, right. He knew that it will not be their permanent home. It was a temporary home away from the real home, the promised land Canaan. Goshen was not the land that God has promised to Abraham. Take note: it wasn’t the land of blessing in a sense that if you obey my covenant with you, Abraham and all your descendants, I will give you this land.. that is not Goshen that was Canaan, the promised land, the land of milk and honey. Goshen was not the land of milk and honey and yet, they will be lest there, it is their temporary home. Goshen, God led them to Goshen temporarily and yung temporary na yun by the way 43 years temporary, okay. They were, they will become sojourners there— pilgrims, meaning foreigners. They will remain as foreigners there, it’s not their land and yet their it’s their temporary home. They were to live there but they shouldn’t worry because God will provide for them there, God will protect them there.

Now, here’s my question for everyone: if God blessed the nation of Israel by providing them a temporary home, which was the best of all the land of Egypt, where the pasture was.. if God has placed them there where they would expand exponentially, where they would grow, where they would be fed during the severe famine, where they would be protected from enemies from Egyptians who hate them, what more God’s true Israel? God’s true people? What more those whom Christ died for? What more His church! If God is capable of protecting Israel ,and take note not all of his descendants —descendants’ descendants’ descendants’ descendants’ descendants are saved. And yet they are provided for, they are blessed, protected there in Goshen in a foreign land. If God is capable to do that, what more those whom He has chosen before the foundation of the world? What more those whom the Second Person of the Trinity died for? What more those whom the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit has changed those hearts? What more those people? What more..paano pa ang church? If God has made Israel and his family sojourners, pilgrims in a foreign land, and has placed them into a temporary home while waiting to be delivered into the promised land, what more God’s church that we, brethren, have been made sojourners here on earth pilgrims. We are aliens, we foreigners here on earth while waiting to be delivered into glory everlasting. And as we are waiting, God also has provided for us a temporary home where He would bless us with every, not material, but every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, where He would protect us from the deluge of sin. And speaking of the gathering of the saints which God has instituted as an ark of safety, as a place of protection for His people, the church is God’s provision of home to a believer who sojourns here on earth. God has provided for us this ark, the Goshen, the tabernacle, the temple of God, the church as our home while we are made sojourners here on earth. It is in the church where God takes care of his people just as He will take care of the Israelites in Goshen. Yes, they won’t be afflicted. But remember the promise: they will come out of it with great possessions. It is in the church where He feeds us, when spiritual famine comes.

You know I remember when the Taal volcano erupted in the early January 2020, many people evacuated. Many families were taking shelter in evacuation centres for safety. That’s what we have also in the church— a refuge from the eruption of sin in this world. And we can find refuge, we can find shelter in the church. But the church isn’t like an evacuation centre where people just wait to be fed, not knowing if you’re going to be fed. The church is where you’re constantly fed; fed with spiritual food that truly strengthen one’s soul. So the challenge presented to us all that is your privilege in Christ to Enjoy The Provisions Of God In The Church For It Is Your Home As You Wait For Christ’s Return.

There’s truth when you say I’m going home huh. May home ka naman talaga. Your home means you’re safe, it is your shelter. You know that you have greater enemies and that is sin. Satan who continues to tempt you and your home where you get such protection is not really your home, home but your home… meaning church. Because it is where the gospel is preached to you. It is where God changes you. It is God pours out all His blessings. So enjoy God’s provision of protection from sin. Enjoy God’s provision of blessings found in His word, found in His people. While we are all waiting for Christ’s return, the church is God’s provision for you..para sa isa’t-isa. Every individual Christian is to be blessed through the church’s ministry. Now see the beauty of salvation. Christ’s finished work on the cross redeemed you from the bondage of sin. He has given you new life, He has given you new hearts, he has given you a new disposition, will, purpose, desires, and has placed you in a new home in a new community. He did not just change you and then left you in this world. He didn’t just convert you into Christianity to just be a pilgrim in this world not being fed not being protected you must be in your temporary home, church. It is Christ who led you to your home because in this home, the church, it is where Christ is. It is where Christ preaches to us, it is where Christ is preached. And when He is preached to us, it is where Christ comes to us. It is where His love is experienced. In fact, we can only call the church home when Christ is there, when Christ is preached faithfully, when Christ’s ministry is seen in a sanctification of His saints, in a conversion of people that becomes a home. The local church is your home but it becomes a home if Christ is there for Christ is our true home.

One Puritan whose name was David Clarkson. He tells us of how the local church is the greatest place on the earth. And I quote and He said: “The Lord speaks life to dry bones and raises dead souls out of the grave of sin. Here he gives sight to those who are born blind, here he cures deceased souls, here he dispossesses Satan and casts unclean spirits out of the souls of sinners. Here he overthrows principalities and powers and vanquishes the powers of darkness, here he makes all things to pass away and all things to become new.” I mean have you thought of the church like that? Naisip nyo ba na ganun ang gathering ng church? Ganun ka-powerful pala ang nangyayari? I mean some say that the preaching is an event and that’s true. It’s not just a man speaking in front of you, proclaiming to you a truth, but in fact something’s happening. I mean probably sa atin when we were receiving the word of God, we’re being refreshed, right.

We are being sanctified but someone else was actually being converted at that point on. And you don’t know, maybe when you talk to a brother or sister in Christ and when you ask them how they are, you didn’t…hindi niyo namalayan, naging sanctifying pala sa kanya yung mga words of encouragement mo. At ikaw din. That’s what you need.

So has God helped you through His ministry in the church? In your spiritual battle against sin, has God helped you through the church’s ministry to be more loving, to be a more loving person, a more submissive wife, more loving husband, to be more Christlike, as a single man and woman, as a parent. Has God helped you through His ministry in the church? If the answer is yes, then praise God.. you’re home. You’re in this temporary home and the One who led you to this home is none other than Christ who will also lead you to your final home in eternity with Him for He is the home. We will be at home with the Lord as we enter glory. So has the ministry helped you seek Christ more? Has the ministry helped your child learn more about the gospel. I’m not saying they’re already saved, but you see the glimpses. Has the church helped, has God helped you through the church’s ministry at times of trouble. Brother, remember that the church is home only if Christ is there, only if Christ preaches to you Himself. And if it happens in the local church, then you are home, so enjoy. Continue enjoying God’s provision for you. Huwag mo Siyang babalewalain kapatid. Now it is God who provides again our message. It is God who provides an intermediary, so we can be home.

We’ve talked about the provision of home. Let us now talk about the Provision Of Intermediary. The provision of mediator is what it means. Yeah, we can see here that it was Joseph who served as an intermediary between Jacob and Pharaoh, between God’s people and the Egyptians. It was him who spoke to Pharaoh, it was him.. it’s not Jacob directly, it wasn’t even the brothers who had the guts to go there and talk to Pharaoh, no. It was Joseph who stood in between of them. It was him who spoke to Pharaoh in behalf of them, in behalf of Jacob and his family. They won’t be able to directly speak to Pharaoh unless Joseph himself brings them to him. It was Joseph, by the way, also it says in chapter 47, it was Joseph who presented his brothers to pharaoh. It just means that his brothers were not the ones who entered, no. It required someone who present them in front of pharaoh so they can talk. They can’t even talk unless the intermediary was there. It was Joseph who presented them. His brothers won’t be able to simply approach Pharaoh. This is why Joseph’s assurance to his family was like, I mean, I’m going to stand between you and Pharaoh. That’s what’s happening here.

Now brethren, doesn’t this remind you again of a better Joseph who stood between us and the almighty God. The better Joseph who is God brought man to God by being God-man Himself by assuming flesh. The God and man cannot be together and so it required for God to become flesh, become man in order for man to be brought to God. And if Joseph spoke to Pharaoh in behalf of his family, Christ, the better Joseph was the one who spoke to His Father in behalf of His people. Christ who continuously prays for His people so that you and I will not fall. Now, He’s praying for us. See His mediatorship. See it’s happening. His mediatorial work is still happening now. The better Joseph who presents His people to the Father a holy bride. Christ is the only way why His people can now draw near to God, it’s because of Christ. He is the better Joseph who was sinless, who died on the cross to be the substitute for His people, the better Joseph who, unlike Joseph, rose from the dead after three days. And He did that to defeat sin He did that to defeat death.

Now, if you are still living your life without any assurance of victory over sin, Jesus Christ is the only assurance. Jesus Christ is the only salvation. He mediates, He stands in between God and man. You can’t approach God on your own. You can’t boast about your own works, your own strength, your own status. You need Christ in between you and God. If you don’t repent of your sins and come to faith in that Mediator, it will be you who will pay for your sins. Also, you will be missing out on all the blessings that our Mediator has accomplished. So repent now and have faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. That is the only provision of God for salvation. There’s no other way. If you think okay, I’ve heard that before; maybe there’s another way, let me, let me try to listen to another message. No! That’s the only way! That’s the only way. You can’t be saved through a Mediator who is a human being. Specifically, in another religion Roman Catholicism, they believe that the priests have power to grant grace.. no! Christ alone grants grace through His mediatorial work. You receive grace someone is in the middle, and that is Christ. And so if you are in Christ, brother and sister, remember that all the protection, all the blessings were only possible because of Christ. All spiritual blessings in the heavenly places are mediated by the person of Christ. Lahat ng blessing na natanggap mo, spiritual blessing, natanggap mo yan on the account of Christ being a Mediator hindi dahil sa ginawa mo. Someone should be in the middle. We can’t come to God directly unless mediated by Christ. Christ accomplished blessing also, so see, you can’t come to God. You need Christ in the middle, also the blessings that come from God cannot come to us without Christ in the middle. Lahat ng naa-accomplish ni Christ na blessings come to us on the account of the Mediator, Christ. Ephesians chapter 1:3, right. We have been saying this verse many, many times. Ephesians chapter 1:3 it says Blessed be the God and Father.. this is talking about God the Father. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, sino yung nagb-bless? It is the Father. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us, see the one in the middle.. in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places. You must have, I mean if you’re not saved, you must have a mediator and there’s no other mediator than apart from Christ. If you are in Him, know the kind of mediatorial work Christ has done for us. It is the Father who blesses us and the one in the middle is Christ.

Sabi nga ni John Calvin, he said: “Therefore, let us first of all set down this for assurity that there was never since the beginning, any communication between God the Creator and man, His creatures saved only by Christ, for we have nothing to do with God unless the Mediator be present to purchase His favour for us.” What does it mean? It means that Christ was already the Mediator even from the beginning. His mediatorship did not begin when He became a baby. I mean, papaano na-save si Abraham? Christ’s mediatorship began in the beginning. We have nothing to do with God even before His incarnation. Adam got saved by virtue of the coming Mediator. Abraham and Jacob were saved because of the future Mediator. Now that Mediator has come. We are already saved by virtue of what we know. His mediatorial work. And you know what?

Same goes in eternal glory. Do you think there’s no need for mediation in eternal glory? Oh we can’t, we can’t come to God even in eternity if not for the man in the middle, Jesus Christ. Christ will still be our Mediator in the future. Why? 1 Timothy chapter 2:5 tells us for there is one God and there is one Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. He will forever be our Mediator. He will be the reason, He will always be the reason why we can commune with God, with the Triune God. A human being, creatures cannot commune with their creator unless the God-man is in the middle. May it be on earth or in eternal glory, you need Christ, and Christ will mediate. In fact, what it tells us the fact that Christ is in the middle, He is the tie that binds. He is the tie that cannot be broken, He is the ladder to God, He is the perfect Priest who stands between God and and Israelite, right. He is the unblemished Lamb whose aroma is perfect for His Father. What a great assurance we have that it is not us who maybe need some we don’t have that capability and power. And because of our sin, we can never be, we can never God.

What great assurance it is that the perfect Lamb also is our perfect Priest, and he is our perfect Mediator. Find you assurance in His mediatorial work if you’re struggling with sin. Look to the mediatorial work of Christ and be assured of your standing before God. When you feel like your sin is..kumbaga paulit-ulit, and you’re struggling. Look to the mediatorial work of Christ, there is hope because He is in the middle. You can always come to God in prayer. Not only that, you can also always receive the blessings from God because Christ is in the middle. Again, at times we doubt our salvation, at times we lose hope because of sin, we feel like that that we are in a cycle. But don’t lose heart brethren, you have a Mediator. The Mediator is not you or anyone else, but the perfect Christ.

Brothers and sisters, the only reason why you can know God, the only reason why you can apprehend God and the only reason why you can see God through His word, the only reason why when you die, when you enter into eternal glory and you will see God both in your body and soul, the only reason why you can see Him because Christ is mediating between God and man. In our prayers, we address the Father and the only reason why our very words would reach the Father, because Christ is mediating between God and man. When you battle sin, the reason why you are receiving the blessing of sanctification, the reason why you’re receiving the blessing of hope, of comfort, because Christ is mediating between God and man. When you hear the word of God preached to you and you are blessed by the word, it is because Christ is in the middle— mediating between God and man. When you enter into glory, you will be able to enjoy eternal communion with God only because Christ is there in the middle; you will never ever be separated from God— that is your assurance because Christ is the Mediator. All His graces will be upon His people and it’s because of that same reason. So brethren, find assurance in this truth that in order for us to be with God, I mean He had to die so that He can be in the middle. He can, He must accomplish His work and His work requires death, to defeat sin, to defeat death to defeat Satan.

You know the Super Bowl had a commercial entitled “He Gets Us.” They showed people washing the feet of those whom you think will not really wash the feet of specific people. For example of LGBT. There’s a picture there of a man of a person washing the feet of someone who just aborted her child, who murdered her child. I’m sure these pictures are just AI-generated most probably. But you see, if you search later on, later you’ll see the commercial is trying to communicate a Christ who empathises with sin, a Christ does not call people to repent of their sin and come to faith in Him. Yun yung kino-communicate na Jesus Christ. In fact after the commercial, so you see there people washing the feet of others. There’s a man who’s washing the feet of an LGBT person, a gay person, okay. And then in the commercial it says Jesus did not teach hate. That’s what it says. So again they’re trying to communicate, I would say a different Christ. These people do not really get Jesus. The real Jesus taught hatred towards sin. The real Jesus in fact died because of God’s hatred towards sin. The real Jesus rose from the dead because of the effect of sin which is death.. had to be defeated. He did not tolerate sin! He hated sin that He died on the cross to save His people. That is what His mediatorial work require.. death. That is why we enjoy having this communion with God, receiving all His blessings because of His mediatorial work and when we say mediatorial work, someone else died and rose again, that is why He’s there. That is what His mediatorial work require.. it required His death. Do we have sins that make us doubt our standing before God? Do you at times doubt whether you are with God or not? Let me assure you of Christ’s work: you’re able to to commune with God forever because Christ’s being in the middle is also forever. That is how you can talk to God, that is how God will be able to bless you, because Christ is there. Be assured brother and sister in Christ. That is the good news. Now you can know, now you can be assured that you have been made right with God no matter what lies you hear from Satan. Your assurance is Jesus Christ alone and He leads you also in the church while we await His return. In the church, we already commune with Him for He who is the one Mediator of God and man, is also our true home. May the word of God enrich our knowledge of Him. May it stir us to live in light of these truths.

Let us pray. Our most high God and heavenly Father, thank you Lord for your grace and mercy in our lives. Lord, indeed in your goodness and grace, You have led us to the church for our continuous protection and blessing. And as we Lord enjoy your provisions in the church, Lord, we recognise that Lord the blessing and the protection that you continue to proclaim to us is none other than Christ Himself for He is our true home. And so Lord, we thank you. And we thank you Lord for your great plan of salvation. Thank you that Christ is our eternal Mediator. But when you chose us before the foundation of the world, You chose us to be in Christ, that it requires the mediatorial work of Christ for us to be chosen, for us to be redeemed, and for us to be glorified. So Lord, thank you for your great plan. May this give us assurance especially whenever sin worries our souls. May You alone be glorified. We praise You In Christ’s Name, amen.

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