The Mission’s Opposition (Matthew 10:11-23) by Deacon Neil De Arroz

Alright, magandang umaga po sa ating lahat. So, if this is not the first time na nakita niyo akong mabigyan ng pagkakataong mag-preach. You may have heard me site references a mga movies na napapanood and usually tungkol siya sa mga wars, sa medieval battles. Pero hindi lang naman yun yung mga napapanood ko. Nanonood din ako ng action movies. Isa sa mga gusto ko rin subaybayan yung Mission Impossible. So may line dun na naaalala ko laging nasa beginning ng scene pagka mag-start pa lang si Ethan Hunt nung kanyang mission na “Your mission, should you choose to to accept it.” May ganun. So may choice siya whether he will accept or he will not accept the mission. For us Christians, if we are really Christians, there is no declining on the call of God to partake in the mission that He has given us. And when we go about doing God’s mission, we have to expect na hindi lahat, tatanggapin ito ng maluwag.

Meroong mga against dito. And so yun yung ating makikita as ating text. We will see that the mission will have its opposition. so let’s go ahead and turn your Bibles with me to Matthew. We will continue sa chapter 10 starting from verse 11. So Matthew 10: 11 to 23. Okay, so I’ll read from the ESV. And whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy in it and stay there until you depart. As you enter the house, greet it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it, but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town. “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the Gentiles. When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. When they persecute you in one town, flee to the next, for truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

Brothers, sisters and guests, this is the word of the Living God. So let me begin by saying that the Christian life is not a silent life. The Christian life is not a silent life. Now ano ho ang ibig ko hong sabihin? What I mean is that Christians are not just born again, not just converted, not just called by God to do nothing. Hindi siya..o saved ka na, ok sit ka diyan, relax ka na lang. Hindi ho ganun ang Christian life. God gave the church a mission. Meron po siyang misyon na binigay sa bawat isang nananampalataya sa Kaniya. And in our text, we can see that mission starting from the apostles. So kaya ho ang pagka tayo ay magpapatuloy sa New Testament, makikita natin na pagka…when we are pertaining to the gospel, ang isang term na ginagamit sa mga liham ni Paul ay “Apostles teachings” not because it is coming from the apostles themselves, but because the apostles were the first who were called by God.

And to bridge our text this morning para mahanap natin yung relevance nito sa ating panahon ngayon, I want us to notice five similarities sa ating text sa buhay natin ngayon. There is a messenger, the messenger is given a mission, the mission is to tell God’s message to the world, but many will oppose. But even though many will oppose, we can be assured that God will empower us to the end so that we may endure. At yun yung nakikita natin sa text ngayon, di ba ho? Verse 6 and 7 kung hihiramin natin from the previous sermons, ang instruction ni Christ sa Kaniyang mga Apostles is they are to go to the lost sheep of Israel. Yun yung first mission nila sa Israel muna. But that is not to say that they will just preach the gospel in Israel. But that is where they are to go first. At ano yung kanilang dala-dalang mensahe? Verse 7 tells us it is that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. At dun ho tayo yung ating konteksto bakit tayo napupunta sa ating verses ngayon. In verse 11, sinabi dito na as they go about doing that instruction of Christ, they are to go to each town and in each town where they are to proclaim that, they must remain in a house na kailangan na makita nila na ito ay isang worthy house. Now paano nila ime-measure yung worthiness nung bahay? Verse 12 to 14 tells us of the instruction of Christ of how they are to measure its worthiness. They are to measure the worthiness according to the house’s acceptance of their greeting, of the peace that they are to live in that house, and of course when we speak about the the peace and the greeting that these apostles are to give to the house. Of course we mean the gospel. If the house accepts the gospel, then it is a worthy house and they must, and they can remain in them. Ngayon, ganito rin not just on the house, but on the whole town itself. Kung sa buong town, wala silang mahanap na worthy house, who will accept the gospel, they are not to remain in that house. They are not to remain in that town. Shake the dust off your feet, off your sandals and then move on to the next. Now ano ang makukuha natin doon? Well there are those who will reject the message of God. In fact, there are those who will be not just rejecting the message, but will be hostile to the message and the messenger. Kaya pag magpapatuloy tayo in verse 16 as they progress, not just in…. ito’y makikita natin in the context not just in Israel but in the whole world, all across the nations as well. God is sending them a sheep among wolves which speaks that there is really a danger doon sa mission na binibigay sa kanila ng Panginoong Hesukristo. And then verse 17 to 18, He goes about explaining ano yung metaphor na iyon of being sheep among wolves. They will be delivered to courts, they will be flogged, they will stand before the Gentiles as they bear witness in the name of Christ. So sila ay haharap sa isang matinding pagsubok. But there is assurance from God. In verse 19 to 20, God tells them do not be worried, do not be anxious. They are not to be anxious about what they are to say because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, their Father will be speaking through them when the situation calls for it. There is a mission, there is a message, there will be oppositions, but there will be empowerment from God. Isn’t that the same thing that we are supposed to be experiencing today if we are Christians? We have a mission to tell the world about the gospel. That is the message that we are to deliver to the world. And isn’t it that the world will not accept it wholeheartedly? There will be oppositions. But also there is a promise from God that he will be empowering us through His Spirit.

And that is the message that we have for this morning. We Will Face Enemies As God’s Emissary But He Will Sustain Us To Do The Mission Faithfully. We will face enemies as God’s emissary bilang mga sugo ng Panginoon, bilang mga kristiyano who is waving the banner of Christ preaching about proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. We will face enemies and opposition but God will sustain us to do the mission faithfully. Again, bakit tayo may mga enemies? Because the world doesn’t like the message! So there will be, my first point, Many opposition. But do we need to worry? We shouldn’t worry because God will make sure that we have, my second point , Sufficient Provision.

So let’s consider my first point —Many Opposition. So as Christ’s emissary, the apostles will be unwelcomed. They will be betrayed, they will be persecuted, and we can see that all over the text. In fact, nasa buong text nga ata. Verse 14 says they will encounter those that will not receive them, na hindi sila. Iwe- welcome sa kanilang mga bahay. Christ tells them if the house or town does not receive them, shake the dust of their feet. Now just to put a context to what that shaking of the dust of the feet means, in the Jewish context, to do this, Jews do this when they come or pass by a Gentile land. And so it is… the the shaking of the dust of the feet is a sign of contempt. It is like saying we are separated from you dahil mga makasalanan kayong bayan. I don’t want anything to do with you, I don’t want any to do with your sinning. In fact, I don’t even want to do anything, ayokong meron akong kinalaman even doon sa dirt na galing sa inyong bayan. I will shake that dust off of my feet, off of my sandals; so that is the context. And now the apostles are to apply this not just to Gentiles but also to Jews who reject their message of peace, saying in essence, that in their rejection of the message of the Gospel, even the Israelites are spiritual pagans, are spiritual Gentiles. And they will receive, whoever rejects the gospel message will receive a punishment, a judgment that will be worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Now that is not to say na. mas makasalanan in the sense ang Israel, na mas marami silang ginagawang makasalanang bagay, rather than Sodom and Gomorrah. But this just means that they will face stricter judgment because God’s message had been made known to them. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, the message of peace have been brought to their very doorstep and they rejected it. Therefore, they will face stricter judgment. So even in the house or in the nation Israel, there will be rejection. And it progresses not just to Israel but also to the neighbouring nations as well. In verse 16 to 18, Christ tells them that they will experience betrayal, they will experience persecution, they will be handed over to courts, they will be handed over and dragged before governors and kings for His name’s sake. So hindi lang natin ito dadalhin sa nation Israel, ah, kakaladkarin namin kayo hanggang sa harap ng mga hari, ng mga gubernador, para kayo ay ma- persecute, para kayo ay tumayo sa harap ng mga Gentiles, para inyong i-defend yang mensahe na inyong dinadala sa amin. They will be handed over.

The message is so opposing to the world. In fact, verse 21-22 tells us hindi lang ito in the civil setting, kahit sa familial setting, very opposing ang mensahe ng Panginoon. Families will be divided because of Christ; brothers will turn over to their fathers at to the point of death. Yan ang sinasabi ng ating text. This doesn’t mean na kapag ang Gospel ay nananahan sa isang bahay ay mag-aaway- away yung mga magkaka-pamilya. It just means that even in a family, there will be cases where the gospel may be accepted by some and rejected by the others. And in that case, if that happens in a household, there is a clear saying in our text that there is going to be division. Maghihiwalay. There will be strife because some accept the gospel and some do not. Now, anong makikita natin? Christ was warning them— this hasn’t happened yet. This is about to happen.

But Christ knows it will happen. So ultimately, God knows it will happen. God knows there will be many opposition at bakit alam ng Diyos? Eto yung truth na makukuha natin— God’s redemptive plan encompasses both those who listen and those who will not. Ibig sabihin, ang plano ng Diyos para iligtas ang lahat ng sumampalataya sa Kanya, ito ay plano na hindi lang nasasaklaw yung mga makikinig. Ibig sabihin the Gospel message will be heard by all, not just some. If a storm comes, it passes through everything in its path, hindi ba ho? It will not give consideration to those who are unprepared. The storm will not say ‘naka- ready ka na ba? Ay hindi pa? O sige, dun muna ako sa mga naka-ready.’ Dadaan sila sa lahat ng… ang storm, ang bagyo ay dadaan a lahat ng bayan na kanyang dadaanan whether a person is prepared or not. Just the same: God’s redemptive plan, the message of the gospel will be, and must be told to everyone regardless if they are ready or not. God will not give consideration to those who are unprepared to accept the gospel and outrightly rejects it.

And so I want to take this opportunity to those who live in sin. Ano nga ba yung Gospel? Ano nga ba yung mabuting balita ng kaligtasan? Saan nga ba tayo nililigtas ng Panginoon? Tayo ay nililigtas ng Panginoon mula sa ting pagiging makasalanan. Since the beginning of history, in Adam and Eve, sin entered the world and since then, the world has been on a downward spiral. Lakbayin niyo na lang ho yung buong Bible. Lahat ng pahina nito, lahat ng istorya nito, merong.

Istorya ng Kristiyano, may istorya ng mga Israelita nung old testament. Na even though they have known the message of God, they still continue in sin. Ganun po kalala ang mundo sa ating mga pagiging makasalanan. We are sinful people; saan papasok ang good news doon? That even though we are dead in our trespasses and sins, kahit tayo ay nagpapatuloy sa ating pagiging makasalanan, we are made alive together with Christ if we accept the gospel. Yung mabuting balita ho ay kahit na hindi natin kayang pagbayaran yung ating mga kasalanan dahil tayo mismo ay maruruming cloth, we are stained cloths, we are blemished lambs hindi fitting na maging offer as sacrifice for God. God gave us the Lamb that was to be sacrificed on our behalf and that is Jesus Christ. And the message that we are delivering to the world today is that this Christ has nailed our sins to the cross, has accepted the wrath of God that was supposed to be poured on us and it was poured on Him. Napagbayaran ho Niya ang ating mga kasalanan and it was satisfied. The wrath of God was satisfied because He rose again after 3 days. It might not be as clear as that on the old times, but it is so clear now in our times today. At kung titignan ho natin, dahil mas clear ito sa atin ngayon, di ba’t magkakaroon tayo ng mas stricter judgment if we are to reject this very clear gospel message? And so again, I want to take the opportunity that if you are still living in sin, repent of your sins and turn to Christ. Turn to Christ meaning trust in His person, trust in His work. He’s the only one who can pay for our sins because He is the perfect Lamb. He is the God man who took our place. Trust in Him and not in our own capacity, in our own works. It is only Him that we can trust. Now whether you repented or not, this is between you and God.

God knows there will be those who will reject the gospel. Now you may show outwardly that you don’t, but it is God who really knows deep down in inside and sees your heart if you really rejected Him or you will really put your trust in Christ. I hope that with a sincere heart, you repent of your sins and turn to Christ. But for my brethren, what would be our challenge for this morning if we know that God expects this kind of opposition to happen? Na yung Kaniyang redemptive plan ay nasasaklaw hindi lang yung mga tatanggap sa mabuting balita kundi pati yung sa mga magre-reject. Ang atin hong Challenge is this: Be Unshaken By People’s Rejection Of The Gospel. Be unshaken. Huwag na ho tayo magulat kung ang Gospel ay hindi tatanggapin ng isang tao. God knows people will reject. Why? Because that is the the natural effect of sin. The gospel calls for repentance. Repentance in other words, we can put it as denying ones self. Gaya nga ng sinabi ni Kristo. Kung sino man ang gustong sumunod sa Kaniya, iwan ang lahat ng kaniyang pinanghahawakan as dear dito sa mundong ito. Talikuran lahat yon at sundan Siya. Man does not work want that. Sinong tao ang gustong iwan ang lahat ng kaniyang ari-arian, lahat ng kaniyang pinanghahawakang mahalaga dito sa mundo para sundan lang si Kristo kung hindi niya naintindihan ang tunay na sitwasyon niya? And man would not, would never accept the gospel because man’s heart is a…sabi nga ni John Calvin, it’s a perpetual idol factory. I mean sa buhay ng isang tao, sa isang tao, hindi lang isa ang ating mga idols. Hindi lang rebulto, hindi lang statue ang naghahari sa ating mga puso.

Anything that we put before God is an idol. First commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Ibig sabihin, if you put all your heart, soul, mind and strength sa isang bagay other than God, it’s a sin. You have to repent of it. That is the natural effect of sin. Why would we be surprised if people don’t like the idea that they should leave everything they hold on dear and follow Christ. Hindi ho tayo dapat magulat na hindi ito tatanggapin ng mundo. We have to be unshaken. And what good will it bring us if we are unshaken? Well it will have a positive effect on our ministry to the lost. Yes, nagmi-minister pa rin ho tayo sa mga lost kahit na alam natin n hindi nila tatanggapin ang gospel in and of themselves. And makikita natin why. Unang-una ho sa lahat, when we are unshaken, we will not be demotivated by the ungrateful response of people we reach out to. Hindi tayo mao-offend because alam natin na that is a normal reaction. People mocking the Gospel, people making fun of the Gospel, not taking it seriously, that is a normal response. And if we know that it’s a normal response, we will not be demotivated. In fact we will be more persistent and patient in praying for them and ministering to them. Mas lalo natin silang ipagdarasal. We will be more ready to be stricken, smitten and afflicted kasi alam natin, prepared tayo na yun ang mangyayari sa atin if we share the Gospel to everyone. Now bakit ishe-share pa natin kung alam nating hindi ito tatanggapin ng mundo? Because we know and we will realise that God is in control. It is only God who can change the hearts of man. By pure grace, God can change the heart of stone into a heart of flesh. At eto yung mensaheng nakukuha natin if you look at Jeremiah 31. If you look at Ezekiel 36. Makikita natin dito yung grasya ng Panginoon. In Jeremiah, it says ‘I will put my law within in them and I will write it on their hearts. Not anymore on a tablet of stone, but on the very heart of the people themselves. in Ezekiel, ganun din… I will give you a new heart and the new spirit I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. That is showing the grace of God that though, again, though we were dead in our trespasses and sin, He is the one by pure grace to make us alive together with Christ. Again, why would we keep sharing the gospel even if man inherently will not repent? Because God is in control and He is by His grace the one who will cause the hearts of people to repent. Our mission is just to proclaim the gospel. It is not for our concern whether the gospel will be accepted or rejected by men. That is God’s concern. Let us just be focused on the mission and trust that as we are being sent out to do the mission, my last point, there will be Sufficient Provision, enough provision from God as He sends us out.

In our text, nakikita natin that Christ gave assurance to the apostles. They must not be anxious because there is help coming from above. There is help from the spirit of God or the Holy Spirit. Verses 19 to 20 again, it says they must not be anxious about what they are to say. When the time comes na kailanganin nila ng tulong, it is not them who will speak but the Spirit of the Father will speak through them. The Reformation Study Bible says of this that they are to anticipate more extensive missions. Mas lalala at mas ggrabe yung challenge nila sa kanilang mission. But as persecution occurs, they must not respond as pagans do. Ano ba’ng ginagagawa ng mga pagans kapag sila ay nahaharap sa… before councils, they would hire what we call an orator to stand on their defense. So ang sinasabi ni Kristo, hindi niyo kailangang gawin yun. The Holy Spirit will provide their defense. God will come to their aid on that hour. In fact, it is not just then, not just when they are brought to courts, it is not just on those instances that God will help them. Actually nakita natin before pa may aid na na tinutulong ng Panginoon. Saan natin ito nakikita? The fact na merong tumutulong sa kanila from town to town, welcoming them, receiving the message of the gospel and allowing them to stay there and sustain them for the time being that while they’re there on that town, isn’t that a help coming from God? Isn’t that a provision coming from God? So ang truth yung ating makikita dito, it tells us that as we advance and spread the gospel, we are not alone. God is with us and He will give us Help. There is divine help and that help is that God empowers us for gospel ministry. Kung paano tumulong ang Diyos dati, ganun din Siya ka-active tumulong sa atin even on our time today. In our Gospel ministry, kung titignan ho natin, sa totoo lang, hindi lang tayo yung kumikilos. Ang Diyos mismo ang kumikilos in our midst. He works in our midst, He empowers us, He strengthens us and not just in supernatural means. Even in the ordinary means. We were given the church. We are given our brothers and sisters in Christ to strengthen us, to help us, to encourage us. Isn’t this a help from God? Isn’t this a provision from God? We are given one day of the week where we can sit at the preaching of the word reminding us of our sinning and turning away from it and turning once again to the cross of Christ for our salvation, reminding us once every week that we can stand before a holy God and call Him as our Father not because we can and we are righteous of our own selves but because Christ has died for us and paid for the penalty of our sins and covers us in the righteousness that He has attained by living a perfect life here on Earth, kaya tayo nakakaharap sa Panginoon. Isn’t that what we are reminded of every Lord’s day? And when we are reminded, isn’t that a help coming from God, isn’t that a provision from God to sustain us as we live our life here on Earth? There is help from God as we advance in gospel ministry. God gives sufficient provision. We have an important mission. Napakahalaga ho ng ating misyon dito sa mundo. Gaya nga ng sinabi ni Kristo sa Matthew, the Great Commission. The mission really is to go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Palaganapin ang mabuting balita nang sa ganun, ang mga magtitiwala sa Kaniya ay maging disciple Niya, maging taga- sunod Niya. Hindi lang yung mag s-stop doon sa initial gospel sharing. Papasok po ang discipleship; ang teaching them to observe everything that God has commanded in His word. Yun ang gospel ministry. It’s not just that one time thing that umupo ka at narinig mo na ba yung gospel? I-share ko sa iyo yung gospel..okay lang? Okay na-share ko na; ayun, gospel ministry na siya. That is just a start. But the whole Christian life kung titignan natin is a gospel ministry. The whole Christian life is a Gospel mission. And thus, we have a very very important mission.

Christ told His disciples they will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before the Son of man comes. Now there are many interpret interpretations to this, which we will not unfortunately as time forbids it, be able to discuss now. But the message, or the principle that I want to get across is this: the message that they carry is urgent and it needs to be heard by all before the day of the Lord comes. Yun yung nakikita natin di ba? Mahalaga na pumunta kayo from to town. If this town rejects, pumunta agad kayo dun sa kabila kasi darating ang panahon na hindi na.. when the Son of man comes, hindi niyo pa rin nalilibot or naaabot yung buong Israel, dahil dun sa text natin, nakikita natin na there is urgency. There is importance in the message that we carry and kailangan itong marinig ng buong mundo. Bakit siya kailangan marinig again ng buong mundo? Because the world, mankind is in again, serious trouble because of sin, because of continuing in sin, because of continuous disobedience against. God, because of putting the material things of this world first before God. We are in great trouble and the message that every Christian carries saves us from this eternal trouble. It is about being adopted once again from being alienated from God because of sin. It is about having peace with God instead of being at war with God because of sin. It is about being justified in front of a holy God instead of being condemned because of sin. It is about faith facing the everlasting love of God instead of facing His wrath because of sin. The message that we carry is about the glory of God that is seen in the sacrifice of Christ’s life that you and I may get to stand before God not because of our merits but because of the merit of Christ. That is a very important message that we in and of ourselves cannot deliver. There is that help from God which allows us to do just that. The gospel message is an urgent message that needs to be heard by everyone before Christ returns. Kaya yun yung ating misyon. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Just imagine the greatness of the mission that God has given us. This cannot be accomplished by just one or two. In fact, hindi ito kayang i- accomplish kahit magsama-sama pa ang buong lakas ng buong church apart from God. We must remember that there is divine Help that is given by God for the gospel ministry. At ano ho ngayon ang makukuha nating challenge dito?

Since we know that there is divine help coming from above, be at peace and endure because God is with us to the end of the age. Be at peace and endure because God is with us to the end of the age. Kapatid, nag-aalala ka ba na kahit parang nabubuhay ka pa talaga para kay Kristo, tingin mo pag ina-assess mo yung buhay mo parang, parang hindi ganun kalaki yung impact, hindi ganun kalaki yung outcome nung Christian life mo and probably the reason why you think that is because may ilan kang shinare-an pero may sampu kang shinare-an pero walang tumanggap nung mabuting balita kahit gaano pa kaganda yung explanation mo nung gospel, nung wonderful exchange on the cross. Parang hindi accepted, hindi convinced yung mga shinare-an mo. Or are you worried to the point na hindi ka pa nga nagsi-share, ang dami mo nang iniisip and you over- think baka hindi nila maintindihan. Baka i-reject nila. Be at peace knowing that God is with us and when the time comes na kailanganin natin ng tulong, tayo ay tutulungan ng Panginoon. There will be help. Hindi Niya tayo iiwang mag-isa, hindi Niya tayo iiwan nang walang sapat na kalakasan galing sa Kaniya. Minsan ba iniisip natin na kahit na anong effort ang gawin natin to share the gospel or even to model the gospel, para talagang walang epekto. Huwag natin kalimutan na ang Diyos ay lagi nating kasama, ang Diyos ay lagi tayong nakikita. Alam ng Diyos kung yung ginagawa natin ay tunay na para sa Kaniya. And even if sa mata ng tao, parang wala itong ganun kalaking effect, God in His own purpose, plan and appointed time will make sure that there is an effect. That it will have an effect so endure kapatid. Endure for Christ’s name sake. Huwag kang. Ma- dishearten. Huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa, huwag kang panghinaan ng loob.

If you endure, there is assurance for you that you will be saved not because our work earned our salvation for us, but because our work is proof that really we have repented of our sins and trust in Christ and now His spirit is at work in us, empowering us to do the mission.

The Christian life will always be opposed by the world. The Christian life will always face rejection, will always face persecution and that is normal because the world opposes God. But let that not dishearten us knowing that God expects this. This is part of His plan. All we are to do is focus on the mission. We’re given a mission to make disciples of all nations so we must accomplish it at all cost knowing that God goes before us and that He provides all the help that we are going to need. Yes, in this life we will face enemies as God’s emissary, but again the assurance is that He will sustain us to do the mission faithfully.

Let us all pray. Dear God, our heavenly Father, we would like to thank You once again that we are able to gather as a church to receive Your word, to know more about Your grace, to know more about the mission that You have given to each and every Christian. Panginoon, may we remain faithful. We pray that You help us and sustain us to be able to accomplish the mission that You have set before us and that is to spread the gospel across the nations, to be the salt and light to this world. Panginoon, we cannot accomplish that in our own strength. We need help and we know that You give us that help. Thank You Father for allowing us to partake in this mission, for saving us. Thank you Lord that we are even here this Lord’s day knowing of the importance of the Lord’s day, knowing that we can stand before You because You have saved us. Maraming salamat Panginoon that of the assurance that You give to Your church, that we have been saved because of Christ and as we live here on Earth, doing about the great commission, kami ay hindi Mo iniwan. Na Ikaw ay kasama namin, strengthening us and empowering us. Father may we appreciate every days of our lives and be faithful in living the Christian life knowing that it is done for Your Name’s sake despite of the opposition, despite of the persecution that we may face. Hindi na dapat kami magulat Panginoon na if we face rejections because this is what the world did to Christ. And so Father, we ask that You, You remind us of this every day nang sa ganoon Panginoon, kami ay hindi mag-waver sa aming pamumuhay as Christians. Thank you Lord that aside from the preached word, Your Living Word which we have access to. Kami ay binigyan Mo rin ng access sa simbahan, sa aming mga kapatid sa pananampalataya na magre-remind sa amin of this wonderful truth and encourage us and discipline us and edify us and grow alongside with us. Father, may we appreciate all the provisions that You give us in order to live the Christian life faithfully. And all the days of our lives, may we live for the glory of Your name. We love you oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.

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