Transcribed Sermons

The Patriarchal Period

Freedom Of Sonship (Genesis 21:8-13 & Galatians 4:21-5:1) by Ptr. Xley Miguel

So, Paul’s message is basically, you are either an Isaac or an Ishmael. But see, everyone there was
an Ishmael. All were slaves and Christ was the one who made them free to become like Isaac.
That’s my message this afternoon. “From spiritual slavery, Christ has delivered us into spiritual
freedom.” Mula sa spiritwal na pagka-alipin, dinala tayo ni Kristo sa ating spiritwal na kalayaan.
That’s what happened to us, Christians. Now, so what kind of freedom did Christ bring? We are
saying that we are free. Paul says that you are like Isaac, Jerusalem above, you are of Sarah, you
are free, not a slave. What does that mean? First point, Freedom from Slavery and lastly to explain
that, Freed for Sonship.