Delivered Into the Hands of his Brothers (Genesis 37) by Ptr Xley Miguel

Good afternoon everyone. Please open your Bibles and turn with me to Genesis chapter 37. We will read the entire chapter. Genesis chapter 37. You know this is the uh 117th sermon on Genesis and we are done with the Patriarchal Period. Done with the lives of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Now we’re moving on to a new one, new sermon series, but we’re still in Genesis. Uh, this new sermon series is entitled the Toledoth of Israel meaning the generations of Israel. That’s what Toledoth means. This is the beginning of the Journey of Israel. It starts here in Genesis chapter 37. this is what connects Genesis to Exodus. This will explain why the people of God started in Canaan and then ends up in Egypt when we read Exodus. It all begins with one man, whose name was Joseph, who in this story, in our passage this afternoon we will see he was delivered into the hands of of his brothers.

Let us read Genesis chapter 37 this is a two-part sermon on Genesis chapter 37 by the way. I’ll be reading from ESV. Jacob lived in the land of his father’s sojournings, in the land of Canaan. These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was pasturing the flock with his brothers. He was a boy with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, his father’s wives. And Joseph brought a bad report of them to their father. Now Israel loved Joseph more than any other of his sons, because he was the son of his old age. And he made him a robe of many colours. But when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him and could not speak peacefully to him. Now Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers they hated him even more. He said to them, “Hear this dream that I have dreamed: Behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and behold, my sheaf arose and stood upright. And behold, your sheaves gathered around it and bowed down to my sheaf.” His brothers said to him, “Are you indeed to reign over us? Or are you indeed to rule over us?” So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words. Then he dreamed another dream and told it to his brothers and said, “Behold, I have dreamed another dream. Behold, the sun, the moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to me.” But when he told it to his father and to his brothers, his father rebuked him and said to him, “What is this dream that you have dreamed? Shall I and your mother and your brothers indeed come to bow ourselves to the ground before you?” And his brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the saying in mind. Now his brothers went to pasture their father’s flock near Shechem. And Israel said to Joseph, “Are not your brothers pasturing the flock at Shechem? Come, I will send you to them.” And he said to him, “Here I am.” So he said to him, “Go now, see if it is well with your brothers and with the flock, and bring me word.” So he sent him from the Valley of Hebron, and he came to Shechem. And a man found him wandering in the fields. And the man asked him, “What are you seeking?” “I am seeking my brothers,” he said. “Tell me, please, where they are pasturing the flock.” And the man said, “They have gone away, for I heard them say, ‘Let us go to Dothan.’” So Joseph went after his brothers and found them at Dothan. They saw him from afar, and before he came near to them they conspired against him to kill him. They said to one another, “Here comes this dreamer. Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits. Then we will say that a fierce animal has devoured him, and we will see what will become of his dreams.” But when Reuben heard it, he rescued him out of their hands, saying, “Let us not take his life.” And Reuben said to them, “Shed no blood; throw him into this pit here in the wilderness, but do not lay a hand on him” —that he might rescue him out of their hand to restore him to his father. So when Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of his robe, the robe of many colours that he wore. And they took him and threw him into a pit. The pit was empty; there was no water in it. Then they sat down to eat. And looking up they saw a caravan of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead, with their camels bearing gum, balm, and myrrh, on their way to carry it down to Egypt. Then Judah said to his brothers, “What profit is it if we kill our brother and conceal his blood? Come, let us sell him to the Ishmaelites, and let not our hand be upon him, for he is our brother, our own flesh.” And his brothers listened to him. Then Midianite traders passed by. And they drew Joseph up and lifted him out of the pit, and sold him to the Ishmaelites for twenty shekels[c] of silver. They took Joseph to Egypt. When Reuben returned to the pit and saw that Joseph was not in the pit, he tore his clothes and returned to his brothers and said, “The boy is gone, and I, where shall I go?” Then they took Joseph’s robe and slaughtered a goat and dipped the robe in the blood. And they sent the robe of many colours and brought it to their father and said, “This we have found; please identify whether it is your son’s robe or not.” And he identified it and said, “It is my son’s robe. A fierce animal has devoured him. Joseph is without doubt torn to pieces.” Then Jacob tore his garments and put sackcloth on his loins and mourned for his son many days. All his sons and all his daughters rose up to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted and said, “No, I shall go down to Sheol to my son, mourning.” Thus his father wept for him. Meanwhile the Midianites had sold him in Egypt to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain of the guard.

The grass withers the flower fades but the word of our God will stand forever.

So we have here Joseph, the favourite son, the most hated brother. e was most hated because first Joseph brought a bad report of his brothers. His brothers were probably doing something bad as they were pastoring the flock. So Joseph was making sumbong. Secondly, the robe of many colours given to Joseph didn’t really help. Jacob’s favouritism all the more became obvious. Kung gaano ka-bright yung many colours, ganung ka-bright yung favouritism ni Jacob kay Joseph. And then add insult to injury, Joseph dreamt and in his first dream, Joseph said in verse 7, my sheath arose and stood upright and behold your sheaves gathered around it and bowed down to my sheath. Sheath, yung parang mga palay na magkakadikit. Kay Joseph nakatayo and the others were bowing down to Joseph’s sheath. And in his second dream, verse 9, the Sun the moon representing parents, the parents of Joseph, and the 11 stars, as you know representing the 11 brothers of Joseph, were bowing down to Joseph. Well those were dreams that didn’t really need an interpreter. They were able to interpret the dream well, right. Should we bow to you? Should you now reign over us? Should you now rule over us? That was their response, right. They were able to interpret it well. However, they did not receive it well. It made them all the more angry. And the passage tells us what happened next. Joseph was looking for his brothers. He was sent by his own father, Jacob. Joseph was looking and as his brother saw him, they intended to murder him. Oh, they wanted to kill Joseph. But because of the suggestion of Reuben.. don’t kill him just throw him into the pits. As you know, that is also not a good suggestion, right. And he did that for himself, right. He want to make amends to his father, who of course he defiled the marriage bed of his father, remember Reuben, right. He wants to rescue Joseph from the pits so that he can give Joseph to his father, Jacob, right. And also, adding the suggestion of Judah which was no help at all as well, to just sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites, right instead of saying Brothers, no! Don’t do this evil thing. And yet they said oh don’t kill him. Should we kill him and conceal his blood? Don’t kill him. I have a better suggestion, Oh just sell him, right.

Now, what can he learn from this? Two things, two sides basically. We have here the brothers of Joseph who heard a revelation from God. It is a revelation from God, and yet they rejected such revelation. How then should one respond to such revelation, to God’s revelation? That is something we need to know. And also we have here on the other side Joseph, who just stood firm in his convictions by bringing a bad report; nagsumbong lang naman siya and yet suffered in the hands of his brothers. How then can we see? Awhile ago, how then, how should we respond to God’s word, to God’s revelation? Now how then can we see the work of God in this scenario? Word And Work. So my message is afternoon, this is something that we need to develop in our Christian life.. awareness to both. A believer must develop awareness to the Word , to the revelation of God so that you would receive it. A believer must develop awareness to God’s word and also to His Divine Providence. I have two points God’s Word and God’s Work.

Brothers and sisters, friends, let us consider the first point God’s Word. Jacob had two dreams which basically had the same meaning. Two dreams to emphasize that the vision was really going to happen. That’s what it means, two dreams, that’s the same thing with what happened to Pharaoh who had two dreams as well which means the same thing, right. It will happen. Genesis chapter 41. The dreams were God’s revelation to Joseph. So again, what were the responses to the revelation of God through Joseph? Verse 5 tells us now Joseph had the dream and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more. Imagine, you’re just receiving a word from God, God’s revelation through your brother and yet you will hate him even more? The brothers rejected the message. They didn’t like the idea that they will be bowing down to their younger brother. Their rejection reveals what’s truly in their hearts. I mean rejection is already a sin. But their rejection of the word of God is motivated by the sin in their hearts. It reveals what’s truly in their hearts verse 11, and his brothers were jealous of him. There’s jealousy and you can put their envy, right. And it increased and increased hatred to the point of murder. But Pastor, he did he didn’t really murder him. Oh, he murdered them, they murdered him rather. The murderer’s intent was there, right. He violated the sixth commandment. But see the comparison here of the responses. Although their father questioned Joseph remember. Even uh Jacob questioned Joseph by saying, am I and your mother also with your brothers, are we all gonna bow down to you? He questioned Joseph. But verse 11 tells us but his father kept the saying in mind. It appears that Jacob somehow believed it to be a word from God, right. But again, the brothers, they rejected the message. Why? They were jealous. It’s a jealousy that developed into hatred when they heard the word of God. I mean we know that when we receive the word of God, we know that it would strengthen us. But in the case of his brothers, when they received the word, all the more that they hate. Their hatred grew. That’s what happens when you are so motivated by sin.

And the effect of the word of God, you are rebuked by the word. Hatred grows even more. Because whatever sin you have in your heart is unmortified. Rejection of the word reveals the sin that is unmortified in the heart. Joseph’s brothers had envy. They had jealousy in their hearts prior their reception of the revelation of God. But they were confronted by the word of God, telling them what’s going to happen in the future. Here’s what’s going to happen in the future: you’re going to bow down. But it’s not only that, it’s not only telling them what’s going to happen in the future. The word of God also tells them what to do: oh, you are to bow down. It’s telling them, the word is telling them what they should do as well.

That is not just a revelation of what’s going to happen in the future. It’s also a revelation of what they’re gonna do the fact that it was revealed to them early on, they have to yield to the word of God, to the revelation of God. So his brothers should have received it humbly. Yielded to it, acknowledged it. But it all the more revealed the sins that they had as they rejected the word. Brethren and friend, same goes to us. Especially us when we already know what the word of God says and yet at times, it’s as if we show rejection by not knowing, by not heeding the call of the word. When the word of God clearly says forgive, forgive, for our God in Christ forgave you. You know that. You know that that’s in Ephesians chapter four. The word repeatedly tells us to forgive and you know it. You’ve probably memorised the verse, you know where to find it and you yet you don’t want to do it.

When the word says do not neglect meeting together. Again, we know this already. When the word says to submit to your husband’s as to the Lord, to love your wives as Christ loved the church. You know it. We know it. when the word says flee from sexual immorality, again you know the verse, you know the passage. You know these things. We understand these things and yet at times we act as if we don’t know. We act as if we haven’t heard these things before. It just shows what’s in our hearts that there’s sin unmortified. That’s our reaction, that’s our response when God reveals to us His word. We don’t want to do it.

What we need is a hearing ear, a listening ear and humbled heart to receive the word. That when we hear it, well I’m gonna, I’m gonna accept it. I’m gonna receive it. I’m gonna do it. And the only thing, of course there’s pride there, that’s probably the sin that is in your heart unmortified. And so when you’re confronted by the word of God, you don’t want to do it. And the only thing that humbles a heart is none other than Jesus Christ. One look to our Savior, it crushes all the pride, it crushes all the envy, the jealousies of the heart because it reminds us of what our sins deserve. When you look, look at the cross, when you’re reminded of the Gospel, it reminds you what you deserve. That’s the wrath of God and yet we won’t get it. It reminds us of what we don’t deserve and yet was freely given to us by faith which is salvation, which is resurrection unto life which Christ has done.

And so as Christians, that’s what we always need for our hearts to be humbled. And now, and for our ears to be listening ears, hearing ears. But if you’re not in Christ, your sins harden your hearts. It all the more hardens your hearts. It all the more make your ears deaf. You need to repent now of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ that He is alone God’s provision for the forgiveness of your sins. And if you are in Jesus Christ, what you need is a hearing ear that receives His word. That is my challenge for everyone to cultivate such hearing ear that humbly receives God’s word. That you would want to hear it! That you would want to receive it! Oh, you know the word and you need such reminder always because you have been sinning. It is only the word of God who can sanctify you. And yet if you have prides in your hearts.. oh I know that already! The problem is, nandito lang siya (pointing to the head), hindi bumaba (pointing to the heart). And sometimes the problem is we make excuses. Or we delay our obedience, even though we already know what the word says. I just can’t forgive this person. I mean compared to my sins, his sins are worse. I know we’re not to neglect meeting together. But it’s just not my priority. I have other priorities. I just can’t submit to my husband who doesn’t even lead. I just can’t show affection to my wife who couldn’t submit to me. I know sexual immorality is a sin but I can’t let go of it now because I enjoy it. At times we may be like Joseph’s brothers. I can’t bow to our younger brother; he’s already received much favour in life. Why would I do this? How about me?

Beware brethren. Now we may become like them. Understand that they’re not really rejecting the idea that Joseph will rule over them. Well they’re really rejecting the One who has orchestrated it.. and that is God. Are you struggling with not heeding the word? If you’re struggling with this, let me remind you to look always to Christ who crushes that pride in your hearts. Is the word clear to you? Are you delaying, delaying obedience? Or are you continuously covering your ears? Brethren, when you already know what the word of God says, let us be responsive and cultivate a listening ear. Give it to me Lord. Give Your word to me Lord. I need it. When you know the word of God and what it says, let us be responsive. Let us cultivate that hearing ear and that we trust the Lord and just obey. And that we respond and obey to the word, not to be… by the way, we respond, we are to respond, and we are to obey the word of God not to be accepted by the Lord. Just to remind everyone.. rather we respond and we obey as ones who have been accepted by the Lord.

We have better reasons to obey because we don’t obey out of fear, but out of love, out of joy, out of comfort brought by the gospel of Christ brought by the love of Christ. So brethren, when the word of God is clear and it is! Have a listening ear. Cultivate that want, His word, desire His word, desire to pursue holiness in obedience to Him. You’re doing that not because you’re not yet accepted. You’re doing it because you have been accepted by the blood of Christ.

My last point is God’s Work. We may ask why would, why would Jacob even send his son to Joseph to find his brothers? Nw look what happened.. what happened to Joseph? Bakit ba naman pinadala pa ni Jacob? But we have to understand who really sent Joseph. Who was the Sender of the dreams which eventually led to Joseph being thrown into the pit? Which eventually led to Joseph being sold to the traders? Who? It is none other than God Himself. It is none other than the providential hand of the Lord. This was something that Joseph himself recognized in his life. Later on, in fact, he was trained to see such providential hand. Of course during that time, when he was held by his brothers, he was put into the pit. And take note: his brothers were feasting, they were eating and elsewhere in Genesis you would see Joseph was actually pleading to them.

So during that time, Joseph hadn’t probably not know. He had no idea that there was a an invisible providential hand of the Lord. And yet after many years, he realised it. Genesis chapter 45. When his brothers found out, when Joseph, you probably know the story. Joseph became one of the leaders who had high positions in Egypt. And his brothers found out that he’s alive. His brothers found out that it was Joseph, and he was alive, and he was now a leader in Egypt. Joseph told his brothers, Genesis chapter 45 verse 5. Joseph said… if you have your Bibles with you, that would be great. Joseph, chapter 4… Genesis chapter 45 verse 5. Wala pong Joseph na book. Genesis chapter 45. verse 5 Joseph said and now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves.. see, because you, Joseph said to his brothers, don’t be angry don’t be distressed because you sold me here. In a way, Joseph was acknowledging, it was you who sold me, it was you. You did this. I was here because of you. That’s what Joseph was saying. And then he said, for God sent me here before you to preserve life. Joseph was not discounting the fact that his brothers indeed sold him there. But ultimately, his eyes are so trained to see the providential hand of God that he’s ready to say: ‘well you sinned against me; ultimately this God who sent me to preserve you.’ That’s what he’s saying here. It was God who sent him there. Verse 6. for the famine has been in the land these two years famine in Canaan and there are yet five years in which there will be neither plowing or harvest. Verse seven again, Joseph is repeating his words and God sent me before you to preserve for you a Remnant on Earth and to keep alive for you many survivors. The reason why the people of God will perpetuate, will continue in the land of Canaan, in the future is because God sent Joseph there in Egypt to transition the people of God to Egypt and live there for many years. But Joseph had to go through everything. Joseph had to go through the persecution of his brothers. Go inside that pit, spend many years in a prison, and then now become a leader, became a leader of Egypt.

Verse 7, verse 8 rather same chapter Genesis chapter 45. so it was not you who sent me here So again, let me just clarify, he’s saying ultimately who sent me here. Because he’s still acknowledging it is your sin.. you sent me. But ultimately he’s saying it wasn’t you who sent me here. You don’t have the providential hand, that’s what he’s saying here. but God. He has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house and ruler over all the land of Egypt. It was God, brethren. It was God who sent Joseph to Egypt in order that the people of God would be preserved because there was famine in Canaan. But again, it was his brothers who sold him there which eventually led to them there in Egypt. Joseph explains that scenario, that his, his life to us in one verse in Genesis chapter 50, we read this a while ago. Genesis chapter 50 verse 20 in the end of Genesis. In one of the greatest passages in Scripture that beautifully explains to us the Providence of God in one verse. Genesis chapter 50 verse 20. As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.The brothers meant evil against Joseph. This is what they wanted for him, evil. Oh, we want him dead. And so they sinned against Joseph. Their intent was to murder Joseph. In fact no mercy. They threw him into the pit. They sold Joseph to the traders. It was their sin. But these same events, God used. It wasn’t God who had the intent to hurt Joseph. It wasn’t God who’s basically whispering to the brothers oh kill him, kill him, kill him. God did not tempt the brothers to sin against Joseph. But on these same situations, God meant it, God used it, God used the sin of their brothers, of his brothers and meant it for the good of Joseph, for the good of the people of God.

The brothers were motivated by.. there’s this one event. Brothers were motivated by evil, by their sins of envy, jealousy, hatred. And they were the authors of that sin. They were the ones who committed that sin. And yet God, who did not author that sin, who is never the author of sin, it was not Him who committed the actual sin…. yet God used that sin to providentially accomplished His good purpose. And that is also exactly what we see on the cross. In fact better. Joseph was sold 20 shekels, Christ, 30 shekels. Joseph was unwilling, Jesus was willing. We see that event on the cross, Satan himself wanted to crucify Christ. Judas wanted to betray his Master. The Jewish people and the Roman soldiers crucified and killed Christ. It was their sin against the God man and yet it was God who delivered Christ, who sent Christ. It was God, Romans chapter 3 verse 25, it was God who put forward Jesus Christ for the propitiation of sins. But God did so because he meant it for good. For the good of His people. We have two intentions here: one wants to kill, destroy; the other once to do good because he is good.

Acts chapter 2 verse 23 beautifully explained, this explains this to us. This is a preaching of Peter Acts chapter 2 verse 23 it says but Jesus this Jesus, delivered up..see, delivered up, sent..God delivered Christ according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God,…see, it was God who delivered Christ and then Peter says you crucified and killed Christ by the hands of lawless men. Hinayaan niyong mamatay Siya. In fact, pinatay niyo rin Siya. And yet it was according to the plan of God. It wasn’t God’s sin; He never sins. He was never, He’s never the author of sin. It was the people who hated Christ who sinned. Satan primarily, his intent to kill the God, is to kill the God man. And yet not knowing that what he wants, that same death, is in fact the victory of Christ. That on the death of Christ, we have here the assurance of the death of sin and death and the enemy.

What was evil caused by men, God uses it for our good. This is why Paul’s Romans chapter 8 28 makes sense to us. And we know, that for those who love God, all things and we, we always say, the all things there means good things and even bad things, worse sin, worse thing, whatever thing. Whatever it is, good or bad, worse, all things work together for good.. for those who are called according to His purpose. Whether it is good or even bad, these things work together for God’s good which eventually would mean for our good as well. So if Joseph was able to interpret providence and say that the evil thing that happened to him, God used for good. The challenge for us then brethren and friends is to have such eyes. See The Divine Providence Of God As Good In Your Life As A Christian.

I’m not saying that when a brother is going through something, and you’ll say oh that’s good, that’s good. Whatever evil thing that’s happening to your brother or sister and then you would you try to, maybe a very noble naman ang iyong motivation, ‘no, to encourage your brother. That’s good, that’s good. It’s good that’s happening to you. We must acknowledge evil is evil; sin is sin. Something bad’s happening or it’s really bad. But here’s the challenge: look beyond it. See beyond the trouble, see beyond the trial, beyond the tribulations and know that there is a God whose providential hand takes good care of His own people. That though something bad is happening to us, whatever that is, sufferings, persecution, affliction, challenges in life, look at the Divine Providence of God. Know that such things indeed happen to us, to make us all the more run to Christ. Without those things, we probably feel safe and secure but because of these things, probably bad things, we would all the more run to Christ for comfort, for rest. Hence, these things are necessary to conform us to Him. God meant these things for good. The problem is sometimes we question God. Oh, we we’d like to question things. That’s naturally how we are. Compared to Joseph, when something bad happens to us, I mean we immediately question God. Ikumpara natin yung buhay natin kay Joseph na binato sa bangin. Probably ilang oras. Are you struggling seeing the good in the bad? If you are, look to the cross. That is an evil thing. They murdered Christ. But look beyond that and see redemption, see the good that on the death of Christ, we have been redeemed by Him. Instead of us receiving God’s wrath, it is Christ, it was Christ who willingly received the cup of wrath. The reason why the Providence of God becomes good is only because we have been made children of God. That’s the only reason why. We can look beyond it because of what Christ has done for us.

If you’re not in Christ, there is no hope. What’s bad, it is bad. When you receive something good, oh take it as the common grace of God. If you are not in Christ, so repent now and believe in Him. But if you are in Christ, all things, right. Sabi ni Paul all! So ngayon, isipin mo, what’s happening in your life? Can I encourage you na pasok yun dun sa ‘all things.’ And that it works together for good. I mean, just think of the worst thing that can happen to a person. What is it? What is the worst thing that can happen to a person? Death. Would you say that that’s the worst thing? Death? And yet even death, which is evil in the sight of God. first Corinthians chapter 15, that is the last enemy in Christ. Even the evil thing death has no sting for us Christians even that worse thing, becomes our entrance into glory. That’s the worst thing and yet for a Christian, it works together for good.

There were two thousand ministers in the Church of England who were ejected from their positions because they did not agree with how the Church of England were worshiping and the church of England found out how they were preaching. They were preaching against the Church of England so they were all ejected from their positions. Now there was one Puritan who wrote to many of them to encourage them during this time of, I mean, that was a bad thing that happened to those many ministers, right. That was a bad thing to be ejected from the church. And yet this one Puritan whose name was Thomas Watson, he said to them and I quote “To know that nothing hurts the godly, is a matter of comfort. But to be assured that all things which fall out shall cooperate for their good, that their crosses shall be turned into blessings that showers of affliction water, the withering root of their grace and make it flourish more. This may fill their hearts with joy till they run over.” He’s basically saying for now it looks as if this is very bad. And by the way, when they were ejected, they were ejected! Lose their jobs, some of them were excommunicated from the place. Now Thomas Watson is saying, it may appear as bad as now, but there is good. In fact if they only knew that their ejection would lead to many more believers who will come to faith in Christ, to many more churches who will proclaim the gospel of Christ, if they knew. Kung naabutan nila yun, they would say God meant this for good. The writing of Thomas Watson originally entitled A Divine Cordial. It was renamed later on as All Things For Good.

So let me ask you, are you in a very bad situation now? Did an evil thing happen to you? Let me encourage you that in Christ, all things work together for good. As we become more responsive to the word of God and sensitive, be more aware to His Divine Providence. Our confidence to all the more rest in the sovereign hand of God grows even more, knowing that we are already secured in Jesus Christ. That we’ll be so confident to rest in His sovereignty. Our prayer is for us to see all the bad, whatever bad happens to us, at the end of the day we can say.. although even if we can’t see it now, I guess the main challenge here today is for us to Proclaim God meant this for good. May the word of God enrich our knowledge of Him and may it stir us to live in light of these truths.

Let us pray. Our great God and gracious Father thank You oh Lord for Your increasing mercy in our lives. Lord, we do not deserve all the blessings that You graciously give us even the fact that these things work together for good, it’s something that we don’t deserve. And so Lord thank You, thank You for Christ, thank You for the cross. Thank You for His death and resurrection. Because of it, we have been forgiven, we have been redeemed, we have been adopted to Your family. We have been, we are secure, we are assured oh Lord of where we will be when we pass. So Lord, thank You. Lord I pray that the word today would truly minister to us the whole week. Lord allow us Lord, allow us to also minister to our brethren who’s in a bad situation now or may all of us be encouraged and look beyond what’s happening and see Your divine sovereignty working in our lives. Lord we thank You in His Name, amen.


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