Continuity And Death (Genesis 22:20-23:2) by Ptr Xley Miguel

In the sermon this morning, the Avengers End Game was mentioned

Thanos the villain, planned to stabilize the universe by wiping out half of the entire universe, entire population of the entire universe. That was his plan. So the plan was to CONTINUE LIFE by KILLING LIFE, KILLING half of the population of the universe. In Genesis chapter 22 to 23 we see a continuation of life, but we are also confronted by the death of the wife of Abraham, Sarah. So today we’re gonna look at how there’s Continuity, and Death.Turn with me to Genesis chapter 22 verses 20 onwards up to chapter 23, verse 2. Now after these things it was told to Abraham, “Behold, Milcah also has borne children to your brother Nahor: Uz his firstborn, Buz his brother, Kemuel the father of Aram, Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethuel.” (Bethuel fathered Rebekah.) These eight Milcah bore to Nahor, Abraham’s brother. Moreover, his concubine, whose name was Reumah, bore Tebah, Gaham, Tahash, and Maacah. Sarah lived 127 years; these were the years of the life of Sarah. And Sarah died at Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan, and Abraham went in to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her.

So right after the story about the sacrifice of Isaac, Abraham heard reports about his brother Nahor. That his brother had his own family, his brother Nahor had his own wife and also had a concubine and they had borne children. So may pamilya si Nahor. Now, Abraham may not have known what the significance of that report was. Alam lang niya, binigay sa kaniya, iyong simpleng genealogy. Yung listahan ng mga anak ng kaniyang kapatid. Iyung kaniyang mga pamangkin, sinasabi doon. Pero, marahil hindi niya alam yung significance nung report na ito but Moses makes it clear for us readers. Verse 23 tells us, that Bethuel, the son of Abraham’s brother Nahor is the father of Rebekah. Now, why is this significant especially for us readers? It’s because Rebekah will be the wife of Abraham’s son Isaac. And so, having Rebekah in the picture reminds us that the story doesn’t stop with Abraham. Abraham’s chapter is about to close, yes. But showing us Rebekah actually reminds us also that the story, doesn’t stop EVEN with the son of Isaac, with the son of Abraham, Isaac. Hindi rin nags-stop doon. Why? Because Rebekah will be the mother of the SONS of Isaac, Jacob and Esau. So Moses here prepares us to the next generation. He prepares us for the choosing of the bride of Isaac. And so, obviously there is continuity in the story here. But then, right after, as you know..uh..when Moses was writing this, he wasn’t writing putting chapters 22. It was added in the 16th century, itong numbers na, ito. Itong number system sa bible was later added after many many many decades, centuries, rather. And so, ang continuation nung pagkakasabi ni Moses na may nag-report kay Abraham na mayroong mga anak at pamilya ang kaniyang kapatid, and then highlighted there na si Rebekah, which we will know na magiging asawa ni Isaac, which we will know na magiging nanay ni Esau and ni Jacob right after that, the text also shows us a discontinuity.. that is, of the life of Sarah. Sarah lived for 127 years and then died in the land of Canaan. We see here, firstly that God continues to raise up women, specifically si Rebekah. He continues to raise up men and women to accomplish His purpose. And men and women may die, but God’s purpose will be fulfilled at the end. We are confronted here, mamamatay si Sarah, but lo! And behold, hindi natatapos ang istoriya ng Panginoon. There’s Rebekah there. This is indeed His story, and not primarily ours. Iyun ang aking mensahe nigayong hapon na ito. People pass away, but the Lord’s purpose carries on. Lahat ng tao ay namamatay, pero ang layunin ng Panginoon ay nagpapatuloy. Now what do we get from knowing that the Lord’s purpose carries on? We’ll tackle that in our first point. Lord God’s Purpose Continues. What are we reminded of when we talk about death? That’s my last point, Man’s Life Ceases.

Let’s continue and consider the first point God’s Purpose Continues. So, again, unbeknownst to Abraham in his time, that God was raising up Rebekah. He doesn’t know that there is a God who is ‘working behind the scenes, God in the background’ ika nga, working in the background. See, in Genesis chapter 24, if we go there, Abraham sends his servant, binasa natin ito kanina sa ating scripture reading. Pinadala niya ang kaniyang alipin, servant, to find a wife for his son Isaac. And yet, Genesis chapter 22, God was already preparing that wife for Isaac. And so, even if Sarah dies, and then Abraham dies, kahit na si Abraham pa ay mamatay in the next chapters, the story still continues!

God was already preparing for us the next generation. And ultimately this will lead up, alam natin, kaya ito nagpapatuloy kasi papunta ito, papunta ito sa CLIMAX ng istoriya! Right! Hindi kayo manonood ng sinehan nang walang climax iyong istoriya. Mayroong climax itong istoryang ito. Papunta iyon doon! Iyon yung binibigay sa ating mensahe dito ni Moises. Hindi natatapos sa kamatayan, patuloy ang layunin ng Panginoon. Bakit? This leads us..this leads to the climax of the story.

The promise of God will be fulfilled because God continues the story. God is continuing the line of the promised seed. And we’re not just talking about the promised seed Isaac…but of the promised capital “P,” capital “S” Seed, capital “M” Messiah who will come from Isaac and Rebekah, who will come from Jacob, who is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, who will come from Judah, who is the son of Jacob, and that is none other than Jesus Christ. Doon ito patungo. End of Genesis chapter 22, to make sure oh, may namatay, to make sure, oh! This will continue! Oh, I will fulfill My promise. Here’s Rebekah! There’s Rebekah! All these things, we may see them, and obviously, Abraham did not see it. It was just reported to him. It was intended to reveal to us in the Word. All these things, we may see them, we may not see them. All these things happen according to the purpose of God. God is working in history, to fulfill His purpose. In fact, God is working in the background. Marahil hindi nga natin nakikita pero hindi tulog ang Diyos, hindi natutulog ang Diyos. Especially in the time of Abraham, God raises up men and women leading up to Jesus Christ. He raised up Abraham. He promised Abraham, I’ll give you a son, and from his son, from your descendants, all nations will be blessed. Oh, yes, I gave you Isaac, But no, it’s not really Isaac. Isaac will have a son whose name is Jacob. Hindi rin si Jacob, Jacob will have a son. In fact, 12 sons. One of those sons, si Judah, manggagaling sa kanya, sabi ni, blessing ng Panginoon thru Jacob, the sceptre ay hindi mahihiawalay sa linya ni Jacob, ni Judah, rather. Ang ibig sabihin, sa line ni Judah ay magiging mga hari, right? Of course, nanggaling na doon si David. Pero, makikita ninyo ang mensahe dito. Again, finu-fulfill ng Panginoon ang Kaniyang purpose. He raises up men and women leading to the climax of the story. And that is Jesus Christ, Panginoong Hesus. Christ is the climax of the bible story.Christ’s love for His people is the climax of the story. Christ’s death on the cross, to save sinners, is the climax of the story. In fact, Christ is the BEGINNING of the story. God said to Adam, I will provide a seed of the woman, that was Jesus Christ. He’s the beginning of the story. In fact, Christ also is the PURPOSE of the story. Sabi ni Paul: “For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.” The ultimate purpose was to display the glory of Christ! In fact, also, Christ is the END of the story. Earthly life ends in His return. That is the Jesus Christ whom we preach. Iyon ang Hesus na pinapaniwalaan mo, kapatid! Iyon ang Hesus na hindi mo pinapaniwalaan, kaibigan, na kailangan mong paniwalaan! Dahil ang buong mundong ito, nagre-revolve under that climax of the story, under that in that the beginning of the story, the purpose of the story the end of all things, Jesus Christ. This is the Jesus Christ whom we preach. He is the savior of sinners..all sinners whom the Father has chosen from the beginning of time..uhm, baka sabihin ninyo, lahat po nang pinili ng Diyos Ama. He is the redeemer of the lost. That’s why the bible is consistently calling everyone to repent of their sins and come to faith to this Jesus Christ. He is the intention of God, una pa lang, to save these sinners who will fall, who will fall short of the glory of God..ang rason, even ng creation ng mundo ay Kristo! Ang rason nang paggawa ng mundo ay si Kristo! Ang rason nang pag-uphold ng Panginoon, pag-keep ng Panginoon sa mundo ay si Kristo! Iyon ang Kristong pini-preach natin! Paniwalaan mo kung hindi ka naniniwala sa Kanya! Repent of your sins! And believe Him, believe in what He has done! In His work of salvation.

The reason why the story of God doesn’t stop in Abraham, and even in Isaac, is because it is leading up to Jesus Christ. The reason why the story of God doesn’t stop NOW in our time, teka, dumating na si Kristo ah! Bakit hindi pa rin nagugunaw ang mundo; bakit hindi pa dumadating si Kristo ngayong time natin; nag-incarnate na Siya, He completed His wok. He finished His work on that cross by resurrecting from the dead… why is the story, why doesn’t it end yet? Bakit hindi pa natatapos? It is because it leads up to His return and before He returns, Peter tells us that God waits for the entire number of the elect. Hinihintay na ma- kumpleto ang entire full number of the elects, sabi ni Peter. Second Peter chapter 3 verse 9 – The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. So see, even after incarnation the fact that the story doesn’t end, it is still because of CHRIST. Christ continues His ministry of changing the hearts of men. Hindi pa tapos. Meron pang mga people who will call upon His Name. It’s still about Christ! That is the reason why the story is not yet ending. God upholds all things, keeps all things, makes sure the things exist, as Christ collects His bride. Just so that Christ gets those who are His! He upholds all things.

This is why again, nasabi na natin ito kanina. This is why Paul can say in Romans chapter 11 verse 36 – For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. It is all of these things are because of Jesus Christ. Hindi me, hindi you, it is Christ. It is His story, not ours. But because of the goodness and grace of God, naipasok tayo sa istoriya Niya. Kasi tayo iyung makasalanan at tayo iyung niligtas Niya. Istoriya Niya ito! Makikita rin natin iyong sovereignty ng Panginoon. How He upholds everything, kasi hinihintay pa ang bawat elect, nagpapatuloy pa rin ang istoriya natin. Sa time nina Abraham, hindi pa tinapos ang istoriya nung panahon ni Abraham kasi papunta kay Christ. Ngayon, hindi pa tapos kasi bawat elect ay kokolektahin ng Saviour! Sobrang effective ng Kaniyang kamatayan. Lahat ng Kaniyang pinili ng Diyos Ama ay mapapasaKanya..mapapakay Kristo. Ililigtas ni Kristo isa-isa yan. So
nagpapatuloy pa rin. Iyon ang rason why God upholds all things, why God keeps all things in the palm of His hand. So yung understanding mo ng SOVEREIGNTY. Aba’y pag sinabi nating hawak Niyang lahat, we’re saying, in-control Siya heh.We’re saying He’s sovereign. But the idea of His sovereignty still points to Christ! In fact, we can talk of sovereignty without pointing to Christ, still points to Christ.The world continues to exist because the God of Creation is working in history. He’s still saving sinners now. The SOVEREIGN God’s story continues, because the purposes of God carry on. That is to save sinners. Patuloy ang pagligtas ng Panginoon. What COMFORT that brings us? That the very reason why everything exists is for the glory of Christ. God upholds all things for this very purpose. Ang Diyos ay Soberano. Ang Diyos ay Totoo He will fulfill His promises. Again, He keeps all things because of Christ. Soberano ang Panginoon natin because of Christ.

Sometimes we have too much confidence sa mga kaibigan natin, whatever way, kapagka sasabihing, “Ako na bahala na diyan, bro! Ako na bahala” And then we put every..lahat ng trust natin doon sa taong iyon, Ako na bahala dito, sa pinahiram mo sa akin, oh, ako na bahala sa pagbabantay sa anak mo, ako bahala. And yet tayo, bilang mga kaibigan tayo ng mga nagsasabi noon, binibigay natin talaga ang tiwala natin, right? Pero paano ang Diyos? Ang Diyos na soberano? Mayroon ba tayong confidence sa Kaniyang sovereignty? Lalo na kung ika’y kristiyano at naiintindihan mo na ang Kaniyang pagiging soberano ay connected pa rin kay Kristo? Hindi ba’t dapat mas may confidence tayo? Hindi ba dapat mas mayroon tayong comfort at pag-asa sa Kaniya? At iyon ang challenge ko sa lahat: Take comfort that God upholds all things for His glory! Take comfort, find comfort that, take comfort, rather, that He is sovereign, and that His sovereignty benefits none other than the saints, than the bride of Christ! Lagi nating naririnig na sinasabi sa Romans chapter 8 verse 28 – And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Put your complete trust in our God who upholds all things! Who fulfils His promises and purposes! And primarily why He upholds all things?

Because of His Son.

Alam nyo ang kalaban natin sa truth na sovereign ang Panginoon, that He upholds everything and that He is in control? Ang laging kalaban natin diyan ay iyong lack of FAITH natin. Iyong lack of faith natin. Kaya nga kailangang-kailangan nating marinig lagi ang gospel. Because, because of the gospel, mare-remind tayo na ganito nga ang aking Panginoon!

Ganito nga, so that I will put my faith, my trust in my God! Kaya nga natin sinasabi lagi, importante ang gospel preaching, so that your faith will be strengthened. And pag wala kang engagement sa mga channels of grace, sa means of grace ng Panginoon, then yes, talagang magkakaroon ka ng pagkukulang sa iyong pananampalataya. At iyon ang kalaban natin dito. Pero mabuti ang Panginoon. Time and time again, sa buhay ni Abraham, we obviously see the control of God in all things. Just so, that His purpose of providing the pomised Seed Messiah will come. Despite of the disobedience of Abraham, despite of them having lack of faith in the beginning; sila ni Sarah, o, tara tayo na lang gumawa ng anak, kasi ang tagal noong ibibigay sa ating anak. Tara, doon ka kay Hagar at mag- produce kayo ng anak, si Ishmael. Hindi ba because of his lack of faith?

Ano’ng ginawa ng Diyos? Because He upholds all things, He is in control, so that His purposes will be fulfilled, He kept His promise. He’s given Isaac, but most importantly, He has kept His promise by providing our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Well, Abraham learned that he was not the one in control, kahit si Sarah. They learned that. They TRIED to be in control. They ‘made’ a solution by having Abraham having a son with Hagar thinking that God will not fulfil His promise but then they ended up realizing it’s not them who are in control of all things. Rather it is God who upholds all things for His purpose, if He said it, he will do it.

And at the same time, He will keep all things in existence to fulfill what He has promised. At ganun din ngayon! Because kasama sa mga pangako ng Panginoon na ang Panginoong Hesukristo ay ililigtas ang lahat ng Kanya. Hindi pa kumpleto. Patuloy pa rin ang ministry ng Panginoong Hesukristo ngayon. That is why, God still upholds all things.

How about us? Do we find comfort in this truth? Na soberano ang ating Panginoon? Sabi ni Spurgeon, iyung sovereignty daw ng Panginoon ay parang unan, “… upon which the child of God rests his head at night, giving perfect peace” Do we find comfort that even though there’s heavy rains? Even though the heavy rains bring destruction, and even death? That God is still in control of that? When we are on the verge of giving up because it DOES SEEM like life is hopeless, do we find comfort that GOD DOES allow, DOES USE, ALL THINGS to accomplish His purpose, ALL THINGS, for His glory? Do we find comfort knowing that God HAS a purpose on ALL THINGS? Do we find comfort that the answer to the WHYs of LIFE, bakit ako andito? Bakit ganito? Bakit nangyayari sa akin ito? Bakit ikaw? Bakit ako? Bakit kasama kita? Bakit ganito? The answer to this is that GOD WORKS ON ALL THINGS. MAY IT BE GOOD OR BAD.

That the answer to this is that God upholds all things FOR HIS PURPOSE. For you to ALWAYS RUN to Christ! That for are an unbeliever, iyung mga hardships, iyung mga discomfort na nararamdaman ng unbeliever sa ngayon, sa mundong ito is an indication that there will be greater hardships, incomparable to what you are experiencing now, that such things must make you RUN to the solution, who is CHRIST. That for are a believer, such hardships in life help you in your sanctification, these hardships make you RUN to your HOPE – Jesus Christ. So see, why God upholds these things? Because the purpose is Christ to collect His bride. If you are a believer, ngayon unbeliever ka pa, pero, in eternity ikaw ay inelect ng Panginoon, then yes, you will run to Christ. That’s the purpose of God. Find comfort in the fact that God DOES these things, that God upholds all things for the glory of Christ. Brethren, you have a sovereign God. Mortify your worries in life. And remember that the END PURPOSE of it all is CHRIST. Bakit buhay pa tayo? Bakit nananatili ang mundong ito? It is because of Christ. So the story continues, but human beings still die. Wala tayong assurance na mabubuhay tayo dito sa earth na ito ng matagal at iyon ang aking second point. MAN’S LIFE CEASES.

Obviously in Genesis chapter 23, namatay si Sarah. Sinasabi rito kung ano ang response ni Abraham. Sabi ni Abraham, sabi dito, verse 1 – Abraham went in to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her. In this passage, we are confronted by the fact that death is inevitable. It has taken Sarah. It will come for Abraham. And even for Isaac, and for his sons and for all of us. And we see the natural response of man toward death. Pinapakita sa atin ni Abraham dito. It is to weep. It is to mourn. Mourning is a human thing. Mourning is a necessary thing. But most especially for Christians, we mourn because we know that death IS a bad thing. Dadating iyan, but we know it is bad. It is bad. Bakit? Sabi ni Paul First Corinthians 15 chapter 26 the last enemy – The last enemy to be destroyed is death. You know why it’s bad? Because God treats it as an enemy…kalaban.

Here’s what this enemy brings… it puts an end to your communication with the one who passed away. It terminates that. It puts an end to the physical hugs. It puts an end to the kisses, to the holding hands, to the I love yous. It terminates it all here in our earthly life. So it is just right to mourn because it is the enemy of God. And it brings tears in our eyes, bringa sorrow in our hearts. In fact, death is the result of the entrance of sin, another enemy of God. Kaya it’s right to mourn, it’s right to grieve. But we know that God has given us Jesus Christ who defeated sin, who defeated death. Two enemies of God. And it is Jesus Christ who defeats death, firstly, by dying on the cross because He received the punishment due for our sin. He defeats death by resurrecting. Paul says in First Corinthians chapter 15 verses 54 to 55 – Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” Now, whether you believe Christ or not, kapatid, eto ang assurance ko sa iyo, kung ikaw ay wala kay Kristo, at ayaw mo, ayaw mo humbly surrender your life to Christ, ang assurance ko sa iyo: you will be resurrected. Just like those who will be, who are in Christ. All of us will be resurrected. But the question is, will you be resurrected unto life, unto eternity with God? Or unto death… eternity outside of the gracious presence of God? Unto His eternal wrath? Dalawa lang iyan. Kaya ngayong tayo’y buhay pa, buhay ka pa, may pagkakataon ka pa. Repent now of your sins and come to Christ! Iyan ang ma-mimiss mo kapag hindi mo ito ginawa habang buhay ka pa. Resurrected ka, yes, but your body will be fit for eternal wrath! Repent now at maniwala ka doon sa pumatay ng kamatayan..iyon ay si Kristo. But if you are in Christ, our hope is in Him who rose from the dead and in His heavenly abode. And it is only because of Him that our view on death has changed as well. We still mourn, yes! And I’d say we MUST mourn,lament. Tama lang iyon! Why?Kais ang kamatayan ay kalaban ng Diyos. But because of Jesus Christ, First Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 13 tells us – But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, referring sa mga kristiyano about those who are asleep, doon sa mga nauna na, namatay na, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. Ibig sabihin, mag mourn kayo, yes. Pero huwag kayong mag-mourn the way unbelievers mourn. So while death, while death brings grief, we do not mourn like those who have no hope because death has lost its sting, has lost its threat. Inevitable ang kamatayan. Ang tanong dito, pare-pareho po ba tayo ng attitude towards death? Pare-pareho ba tayo? Pare-pareho ba tayo ng pagka- intindi, ano dapat ang response natin sa kamatayan?

May nakapunta na ba rito sa Boracay? O, thank you for raising your hand. May nakapunta na ba rito sa Batanes? Meron na bang nakapunta dito sa Israel? Sa Jordan? Sa Maldives? Naks.. sa Sultan Kudarat, meron na bang nakapunta? Marahil nakapunta na kayo sa iba’t-ibang destinations at iba- iba tayo nang napuntahan pero sasabihin ko sa inyo, there is that one destination kung saan, lahat tayo ay pupunta. We will return to the ground, and to dust we shall return. Again, ang tanong, what is our attitude toward death? Ang challenge ko sa lahat is to cultivate a right attitude toward death..and that is to mourn for a time, but remember our hope in Christ! Mourn for a always remember His hope. In Christ, our view of death changes. In fact, it affects even our view of our lives now. When someone we know, when someone we love needs the gospel and yet rejects the gospel, all the more that we would want to do everything for them to always hear the gospel because of our attitude toward death. Because we know when they pass away, there’s no hope of eternity if we don’t continue to preach the gospel to them!

But if someone we know or someone we love, who humbly received the message of the gospel and lived the gospel, and passes away, we mourn for a time knowing that it is God’s enemy and we hate death. Because it terminates our communication with our loved ones, it cuts it off. You can never talk to them in your earthly lifetime, never! No way to talk to them! That’s why we hate death.It is an enemy. But if someone you love who received the gospel humbly, someone passes away, we mourn for a time knowing that is the enemy of God, but we don’t mourn like those who have no hope. Our view of death stirs in our hearts that compassion for the lost. It stirs in our hearts that desire to proclaim the message of reconciliation. Stirs in our hearts love for those who are lost. Mga kapatid, hindi ninyo ba nae-experience whenever someone passes away, in your sphere of influence, mga kaibigan na kilala mo, kaibigan ng kaibigan mo..when someone passes away, at nakita mo na kahit sa mga Facebook, na sometimes nagiging obituary na, hindi ba you are confronted by the fact na inevitable ang kamatayan? Na it will come.

Hindi mo ba nararamdaman iyon? Whenever it happens, I tell you that’s a, iyan ay parang kurot sa atin na, “Hoy, teka, ayusin mo ang attitude mo toward death.” Ayusin mo! It should create in us such compassion toward the lost, for the lost. But it will also create in a seriousness sa ating pamumuhay now. Ano’ng sinabi ni Paul? To live is Christ, ano sinabi niya? Ang pagkamatay ay gain para kay Paul. Willing siya, okay lang sa kanya na kunin na ng Panginoon, pero hindi siya kinukuha ng Panginoon at that time. And so he will live for Christ. So, see how, having a right attitudeof death changes our perspectives now. Alam ninyo, sa panahon ngayon, mayroong mga idea na kapag, when someone passes away, “oh, let’s rejoice, sa mga burol, tara! Let’s rejoice, tayo’y magsaya. Let me tell you that it’s a bit hypocritical. It’s a psychological temporary solution to dealing with losing someone. The bible gives us that avenue, at that time to lament, mourn. When Stephen died, stoned to death, the great, the church lamented over his death. When David lost his friend Jonathan, the bible says, David had a great lament. Cultivate the right attitude. See, these men took time to mourn, but they did not forget our hope in Christ. Brethren, WE HAVE HOPE IN CHRIST. But don’t mourn like the unbelievers. The better view of death change our perspectives now. Let our view of death change how we live our lives now. To understand that there is hope, remember the victory of Christ. Remember that there is a time to mourn. However, it’s just for us little time. Remember our hope, our hope is an objective hope. Our hope is not, yes it’s true that we’re hoping for Christ to return, to return. But there is..iyong hope talaga natin is objective. It actually happend already. He died and rose again. He was victor over death. See John Owen, in his attempt to proclaim the exclusivity, the effectivity, and the surety of the end of death, He wrote a book entitled “The Death of Death in the Death of Christ” At kung isu-summarise ko ang kabuuan ng libro, it would be in three words… DEATH is DEAD. That’s it. That is our hope. As christians, death is dead because Christ died and rose again.So, may tamang attitude ba tayo sa kamatayan? Death will come sa atin, or even to the people we love. But the question is, anong attitude natin? Does it remind us of the brevity of life, and the eternality of our life in heaven with Christ? I hope so! I hope so, because we would be more serious in living our lives now. Apektado ang ating ministry, apektado ang ating pamumuhay bilang kristiyano.

This isn’t, hindi ito challenge kapag tayo ay nasa deathbed na mga kapatid, hindi ito challenge kapagka meron tayong mahal sa buhay na namayapa na. Ito ay challenge sa atin ngayon. Ngayon pa lang, cultivate such right attitude toward death. Grieve for it is an enemy. But don’t grieve too long for we have hope in Christ. Death is a very bad thing, for us and unbelievers. But for believers, it becomes a good thing, that’s why meron tayong hope because it is our entrance to glory, it is our entrance to eternity. So as sin and death continue here on earth, we can be assured that God works all things for good and that all things will ultimately bring Christ glory. He is our hope. He is our assurance. In Him, we are redeemed. In Him, we will resurrect just as He resurrected from the dead.

May the Word of God enrich our knowledge of Him, and may it stir us to live in light of these truths. Let us pray. Panginoong Diyos, maraming- marami pong salamat sa aming pag-asa. Lord, may assurance po kami Panginoong Diyos na Lord, alam naming kami’y mawawala sa mundong ito. Pero may assurance kami Panginoon, na hindi kami fully mawawala. That we will cease to exist oh Lord, we will be with You if we are, if those who are yours will be with You oh Lord. Iyong mga kaluluwa namin ay mapapasa-Iyo Panginoong Diyos. Salamat Panginoong Diyos, dito sa pag-asa na meron kami. Lord, maging tama ang aming attitude pagdating sa kamatayan, Panginoong Diyos. Lord, salamat sa opportunity na binibigay Mo sa amin. Even iyung pag-grieve, even iyung time to mourn ay grasya pa rin mula sa Iyo, Panginoon. So maraming- marami pong salamat oh Lord. Salamat sa paalala na ang kamatayan ay resulta ng kasalanan na nangyari the beginning of time. And salamat din Panginoong Diyos dahil kay Kristo, ang kasalanan at kamatayan ay tinalo Niya. At iyon ang aming pag-asa at iyon ang dahilan bakit hindi kami magg-grieve for..nang sobrang tagal, Panginoong Diyos. Pero Lord, alam namin na hindi ito madali. Sometimes grieving takes a lifetime oh Lord. But Lord, alam namin na kahit nangyayari iyon, hindi nawawala sa aming isipan na may pag-asa pa rin kami. So, Panginoon, tulungan Mo kami na lagi naming maalala itong pag-asa na ito. And Lord, salamat din sa paalala Panginoon, na Kayo ang in-control, Kayo ang soberanong Diyos, Lord, Kayo ang nagu-uphold ng lahat ng bagay, Panginoong Diyos dahil sa Inyong purpose, at iyon ay dahil, para kay Kristo. Para sa Kanyang kaluwalhatian. So Panginoon, nawa’y mas mapalakas ang aming pananampalataya sa Kanya, Panginoong Diyos. The reason why we are sustained, it is only because of Christ, it is because Christ’s ministry still could..uh on-going. so, again, maraming-marami pong salamat dito. Nawa’y gamitin Mo kami sa ministry Ninyong ito. Oh Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy and goodness in our lives. May You alone be glorified, in His name, amen.

Transcribed by: Janette Bautista

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