Transcribed Sermons

The Patriarchal Period

The Ultimate Test Of Faith (Genesis 22:1-14) by Ptr Xley Miguel

We can see here a well-trained, a mature believer of God who is being tested by God. And the test proves that Abraham indeed have genuine faith, right. And this is what true faith really is. It accepts the commands of God. If God says this, since he has true faith, “I will do it!” Ganito yung nangyari kay Abraham. Ginawa ni Abraham. He has true faith and true faith accepts also not just the precepts, not just the commandments, but also the commitments of God, the promises of God. And that is also what we have seen in this passage this afternoon. True faith even at times of trials.

The Patriarchal Period

A Covenant Of Peace (Genesis 21:22-34) by Ptr Xley Miguel

That is the message this afternoon, In God’s covenant, we enjoy His presence and blessings.

Sa tipan ng Panginoon, ikasisiya natin ang presensya Niya at ang Kaniyang mga pagpapala.

Now why are we able to enjoy His presence? Because of our perpetual amity, that is my first point. Dahil sa walang hanggang pagkakaibigan. And why are we able to enjoy His blessings? Because of the promise assured…dahil sa katiyakan ng pangako. Let us consider our first point – Perpetual Amity

The Patriarchal Period

Freedom Of Sonship (Genesis 21:8-13 & Galatians 4:21-5:1) by Ptr. Xley Miguel

So, Paul’s message is basically, you are either an Isaac or an Ishmael. But see, everyone there was
an Ishmael. All were slaves and Christ was the one who made them free to become like Isaac.
That’s my message this afternoon. “From spiritual slavery, Christ has delivered us into spiritual
freedom.” Mula sa spiritwal na pagka-alipin, dinala tayo ni Kristo sa ating spiritwal na kalayaan.
That’s what happened to us, Christians. Now, so what kind of freedom did Christ bring? We are
saying that we are free. Paul says that you are like Isaac, Jerusalem above, you are of Sarah, you
are free, not a slave. What does that mean? First point, Freedom from Slavery and lastly to explain
that, Freed for Sonship.