A Critical Reception (Matthew 11:11-24) by Bro. John Lao

A question perhaps to each of us, a question perhaps to each of us is what influences your decisions? We live in an age where a lot of our choices are based on the opinions, the thought and the voice of others also known as reviews.

Especially in the digital media; it has informed the way we avail ourselves of products and services. Before getting something, you would first check the reviews and the thoughts of others; picking the books we read, the contents we watch, the podcasts we listen to, the people we follow. We check who endorsed it and what they thought of it. We normally depend on those things nowadays. And given the information that is accessible now to us, we depend all the more greatly to this information. Now the disciples of our Lord has already gone out to preach and teach the message of the Kingdom accompanied by the power of God, they are encouraged to remain faithful and not to fear men though they might suffer for the sake of our Lord, Jesus Jesus Christ. And as we would see in our passage today, the people also had not just a review about Christ and His ministry, but also a critical reception. So please turn with me.. let’s go back to the the book that we have considered this morning, Matthew chapter 11; but we will be looking at the continuation of the passage that we have looked at this morning from verses 11 to 24. Matthew chapter 11: 11-24. So let us now read God’s word. Please pay attention, this is the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John, and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. “But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their playmates, “‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds.” Then he began to denounce the cities where most of his mighty works had been done, because they did not repent. “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for Tyre and Sidon than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You will be brought down to Hades. For if the mighty works done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I tell you that it will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom than for you.”

Let us all pray. May we heed the very words of Your Son oh God and Father.

These are tremendous warnings oh Lord. We cannot take it lightly, we cannot slight it but we pray for Your grace, the ability to listen closely and pay attention to the words that You have spoken. May this warning awaken us all; give us a sober realisation of the hope that we can only find in our Saviour and it is in His Name that we pray, amen.

It might have been perplexing to the people and as well as to us this morning that the forerunner tasked to prepare the way of the Lord, the messenger, questions and doubts the Messiah. But just like any other man, John the Baptist was not excused to the susceptibility of doubting. After all, tao lang din siya. He is just a man with a special mission with a significant mission to bring… to prepare the people, to prepare the people and announce the coming of the King. On this side of history, we believers could also struggle with a lot of doubts, with questions that we could also give to our Messiah. Under the weight of trials, the varying outcomes versus what we expect life should be as believers in the Lord, and the limitation of our understanding concerning His revelation.

Our trust in God’s faithfulness can be likewise shaken. Being God Himself who is omniscient. Alam din Niya exactly. He knows exactly how to address the weakness of our faith. And the solution that He had is to point us back to the word of God. He pointed John the Baptist back to the prophecies about the Messiah and brought him to himself showing that “I am He.” “I am He” which the Old Testament and the prophets have long talked about. And I am here to fulfill that prophecy. When Jesus responded to John’s inquiry, the doubts that are in the mind should have been gone because there is a prophecy and there is the fulfillment, kita niyo na, then, that should be at the back of their heads and should no longer be considered. He did not just come with a message but in His ministry, He authenticates His message and His identity by the miracles and signs foretold by the prophets of old. Lest the people would undermine the ministry of John the Baptist, they might say that oh, look at.. look at the forerunner; he is doubting, then maybe hindi Siya legit or we may no longer have to listen to him. But Jesus depended and honoured him and gave him the dignity that he ought to have being the forerunner of the Lord. He was consistent he said in his deeds, his identity and his coming was foretold by the scripture and beginning verse 11, Christ bestowed an astounding honour to John the Baptist. Sinabi Niya dun sa verse 11, among those born of women which is basically a human being. There has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. And the reason why Jesus said that is not to put him on a pedestal and to say that oh he’s a greater person because so and so. But because the distinction of his role as the one who would prepare the way for the Lord and would announce the coming of the Messiah. But then he followed it up by saying yet the one who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he. You should realise that John the Baptist died first before witnessing the work of… the completion of the work of Jesus Christ. Hence, he no longer saw what Jesus came to do. He no longer saw the fulfillment of what he was about to accomplish. But on this side of redemptive history, we have a better grasp of what Jesus has done not on the basis of a promise, though the promise talks about what He is about to do. But on the basis of fulfillment. Recognising the importance of John the Baptist ministry as that of Elijah, calls the people to take heed closely of the message. But the question is: how did the people respond to them? To both the message of John the Baptist, and as well as Jesus Christ. As the Lord continues to teach and preach in the cities and have given instruction to the disciples to go and to proclaim the message of the Kingdom, we will now see the challenges confronting the ministry of our Lord. If we have seen doubt in the case of John the Baptist, in this section, we would see opposition from the Jews. Most of the opposition arising against Christ, is that He is not like what they are expecting. They were looking after someone who is militant, a political King that would overthrow the enemy or opposing nation, but He is not. Hindi ganun si Kristo!

One who would experience instead, humiliation, from the time that He would come into this world up until His death. He’s a conqueror not by political power or political force, but by the power of God through His sinless, sacrificial and saving work. He is God who became flesh, being subject to all the weakness and frailty of humanity, yet without sin, who received the just wrath of God on behalf of His people, who died on the cross the most gruesome and humiliating death of all. It is through Him, and by the work that He has come to accomplish that sinners may be given life. Those who would repent and believe in Him would be saved and would become an heir of the Kingdom, but those who would reject Him would not heed the message that He has come to to proclaim. There are serious consequences. The word of God is issuing a serious warning to each of us. It is calling us to have a clear recognition of who Jesus is and what He has come to accomplish. Since we are on this side of God’s fulfillment, being given a greater light, we have a greater advantage. But it also comes with a great responsibility. There is an accountability upon us being given a greater light in God’s revelation. Depending on the way that we would respond to Christ, we will have life through His grace or condemnation on His wrath. Our Response To Christ Brings Either Life Or Judgment. That is my my message this afternoon… the way we would respond, the way we would respond to Christ; our response to Christ brings either life or judgment. So we will be looking at this message into two parts. So the first part, we would look at the kind of criticism that was hurled against not only Jesus Christ, but as well as John the Baptist. That’s going to be the first one: The Criticism. Now being the judge of all the Earth, what is now the condemnation that awaits those who would reject the Messiah? We will look at that on our second point: The Condemnation.

So, let us go now to our first point The Criticism. John the Baptist faithfully fulfilled His significant role. Though he doubted in prison, Christ affirmed his labours as his forerunner. When Jesus started His ministry, he has called the people to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And hindi lang siya nagbigay ng message, but he also gave miracles and signs to authenticate the fact that he is whom John is pointing to despite this verse 12 tells us. The Kingdom of Heaven has suffered violence. It is has been advancing but at the same time, the violent is taking it by force, in other words they are doing all that they could to resist the advancement of the kingdom of God. They are resisting it in every way just as how they have rejected the prophets of old; the people had a critical spirit against John and as well as our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence, the criticism of Jesus Christ in verse 16, he likens them to uncooperative playmates like children in the marketplaces. And pinaliwanag iyon; he explains it in verses 18 to 19 why. For John came neither eating nor drinking. Well, kumain naman siya. He did eat locust and wild honey. And they say he has a demon. The Son of man came eating and drinking and they say look at him, a glutton and a drunkard and a friend of tax collectors and sinners. Now in their culture, those children would love to play wedding games and as well as funeral games. So it’s kind of like your ‘pretend play.’ So, if you see some children doing the pretend play; maybe you are a parent and you are playing with your children, oh ikaw si Super Mario today, you’re going to be Princess Peach and I’m going to be Bowser. So your task is going to be saving Princess Peach parang ganun; so you do your pretend place. Now, what Jesus is saying here is that they are calling the people but they are not cooperating. They have called them to repent of their sins, to turn away and believe and prepare themselves in the coming of the Lord. And when Jesus came he called them to repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand, they did not respond positively. Instead, they slandered, they maligned, and they said all kinds of evil things against both John the Baptist and as well as Jesus Christ. John the Baptist had a message of repentance, warning the people of the coming judgment to turn their hearts to the coming King. Jesus had a message of repentance calling the people unto Himself granting grace and forgiveness from sins through what He is about to accomplish. But then the people conclude these are mad men. Mga baliw itong mga ito. They are drunkards; he has a demon. But in the end Jesus said, the truthfulness of their ministries will be vindicated by the results and its fruit. As Jesus Christ said, yet wisdom is justified by their deeds. John the Baptist prepared and announced the coming King and the King arrived! Jesus Christ being wisdom personified, is vindicated by His work. Because going forward through His life, death and resurrection, He gives life to those who are dead in their trespasses and sins. And this is the message that we as a church carry into the world— the gospel! Christ’s work of redemption. This is the gospel that saved us from all of our sins and has given us a not only a blessed hope but the privilege of being part of His people, His bride. God coming into this world to save sinners from their sins and both the message and its messengers who carry the message of this gospel, will draw critics and encounter rejection just as John the Baptist and as well as Jesus Himself. The Christian’s faith and witness to Jesus Christ will be accompanied by criticism and rejection for as long as Sin persist in the world, we’ll never lose them. We will never lose the the critics. The enemies of the Gospel will always have something to say. They will malign both our Lord and His followers, testifying to what Christ has said in Matthew chapter 10 that His disciples would indeed be persecuted because of their mission. They will continue making efforts to censure God’s people because of their association with Christ and the message they carry. We all encounter. In fact, tayo, sa ating mga respective circles, even in the media, crowded place, in the people that we love, our friends and our family, we encounter criticism because we are united to our Lord and Saviour. We’ve heard it said in the past you cannot please everyone. There is truth in that especially as a Christian. They could and would say all kinds of words against us because of our faith. Faithfulness to Christ and the stewardship that He has given in the gospel will draw persecution. This is due to the proud and sinful hearts of men who are hard.. who have hard hearts because of their sins. And in their sinfulness, their hearts towards the reality of God’s holiness, our sinfulness, our helplessness and our misery apart from His grace. And until God regenerates them through the gospel, it would be impossible to please them. In our scripture reading earlier, Jesus has already informed His disciples that they would encounter persecution as they proclaim the message of the Kingdom. John 15: 20-25, Christ made it clear that no disciple is greater than his master. If they persecuted Christ, if they said all kinds of things against Christ, even a drunkard, then they would surely mock the disciples; they would reject the disciples. It’s going to be part of our lives as Christians, in short. And the resistance against the gospel of Christ and the advancement of the Kingdom will continue as we await the coming of our Lord. It has been happening as far back as in days of the prophets. They rejected the message of God, they covered their ears, they killed the messengers. They’ve ultimately rejected Christ Himself by crucifying Him but although they meant it evil, God meant it for good. That through His death, pardon and cleansing from all of our sins may be given to us who need it the most. By raising Him from the dead after the third day, God testified to the truth that His work to redeem us is rest assured and accomplished. And the risen Lord is the one building His church. Because of that, the devil and his demons have no hopes whatsoever to overthrow His church. Even the gates of hell will not be able to overcome the church kahit alam na ng enemy yung magiging kahihinatnan, the end point of what is going to happen against the enemy of the kingdom and of God. It would still by all means rage its opposition against the bride of Christ. There are times that it may seem that the world is prevailing when their criticism against Christ and against Christianity, but Jesus the sovereign Ruler and judge of all the Earth stands as the ultimate judge and the ultimate critic of the ones who would appear before our Lord Himself. And that stands as a warning if you are not in Christ. Because He would be a terrifying Judge for you. He would not come as a Father. He would not come as a a loving and gracious Master. But a Judge, because He will judge you according to His perfect justice. We’ve all broken the law of God and if we neglect or reject God’s call to believe in the Lord Jesus, there’s no hope whatsoever for you my dear friend. But if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be cleansed from all of your sins. You will be clothed with not your own righteousness but with the righteousness of Christ. You will have peace with God and You’ll be reconciled to Him as a child in Jesus Christ, as a Father. Though we may experience criticism, rejection, know for sure that in the richness of His love and of His grace, and mercies for sinners, God will not cast us out in Christ. Though the world rejects us, though the world say all kinds of things against us, it will never ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. His finished work has secured our redemption from sin. It stands forever as our hope and of those who will believe in Him for their salvation. And when His people is slandered because of their faith, we are given the privilege even more to share in the fellowship of His sufferings. For Christ Himself was refused, rejected and reviled by the people.

But my encouragement to us it’s just because we are going to be opposed by the world, do not shy away from the gospel. Do not shy away from the gospel, brethren. It still remains the power of God unto salvation of those who will believe in Him any kind of people pa yan.

Romans chapter 1:16 and so given that overcome opposition, by carefully considering the gospel that shows Christ’s accomplishment to redeem sinners. The same violence being launched by the enemies of the Gospel is the same problem we will face as a church. But the solution remains the same. It’s the gospel… the gospel still remains as a solution to that problem. We can be quick to proclaim the gospel to profess faith in Christ and to say that oo, kailangan talaga natin yung Gospel. But we can also be the ones who become almost resistant, almost hard sa gospel. Either we neglect it because we grew dull of hearing it paulit-ulit na lang, this is something that I’ve heard before or worse, we could develop our own criticism against the gospel leading our doubts all the way to unbelief. And to that, we must be careful brethren; we must be careful to bring ourselves to the word of God which richly unveils to us the glories of the Gospel that tells us that this is the only hope for sinners like you and I. Do you struggle with doubts? Have you grown callous because we have been breathing sin in our lives? How are we responding to the gospel whenever we hear it, whenever we see it as we read God’s word, whenever we listen to the proclamation of the Gospel in the pulpit every Lord’s day. But before that, do you even give careful consideration to the gospel to begin with? Brothers and sisters, we can only consider the gospel when we bring ourselves under its authority and its teaching. When we allow it to to teach us and to allow His words to richly dwell in our lives. When sin is put off and the pure milk of the word is longed and prized, we grow with respect to our new lives in Christ giving way to a fruitful ministry to our fellow brethren, and as well as to those who haven’t heard of the gospel. And so what kind of response does it give you whenever you hear the gospel? My friend, how are you responding whenever you hear of the work of Christ? Perhaps, matagal mo na siyang naririnig. Pini-preach na sa atin ng ating mga kapatid. But what is your conclusion? How have you responded, and also overcome as well; because times the greatest enemy is ourselves. Overcome as well our opposing hearts by considering greatly Jesus has done in the gospel.

What He has accomplished for His people. And so looking at the criticism that was lodged against Christ, now we would see the Judge exercising His authority and proclaiming a woeful judgment against those who have not repented. And that’s going to be our second point The Condemnation.

The Apostle John said that there were a lot of miracles that Jesus has done that if it were ever written, hindi magkakasya ang mga libro sa mundo. No amount of books will be enough to account or to even record the number of miracles that Jesus has done. In other words there’s just so many of it. There’s just tantamount of evidences that that proves that Jesus is the Messiah. This should have been clear for the cities that we will be looking at. The fact that He is the Messiah, the Saviour. But how did the people in the city respond to Him?

Verse 20 is clear, Christ pronounced judgment against them. He denounced the cities where most of the mighty work had been done. Remember, there were a lot of things that Jesus has done and most of it were done in Chorazin and Bethsaida and in Capernaum. But what did they do? They were left unmoved.

They did not repent. They have been a witness, they had the joy of having the front row seat of seeing the Messiah, the person of Jesus Christ not only preaching and teaching, but as well as performing miracles that should have been a reality for them that there is the Messiah right before our eyes. And if there’s any city who should be changed and affected by the presence of Christ, it is them. It should be them. And to these cities, Jesus as the great King, as the great Priest, and also as the great prophet issued an oracle of woe. He warns them and proclaims judgment against them. Because of their indifference, Christ says that it would be more tolerable and it would be more bearable in the day of judgment for the notorious cities of the Old Testament. What are those Tyre and Sidon and Sodom. They were known for their pride, idolatry and exceeding immorality that even a word was invented because of the sin of their city, imagine that! And for Christ to compare them to these cities, ang Lala siguro ng sitwasyon that is happening to these cities. By declaring that these cities would have been, would have repented if they witness Christ and His coming, it made them far worse and guilty of a greater sin by rejecting Jesus Christ. As a result, they are more culpable of an exceeding greater judgment. Because by rejecting the Son, they are rejecting no other but God Himself. And we could see here church, rejecting Jesus Christ only leads to a tragic end. It would be more tolerable and bearable for those cities who did not witness the coming of Christ than for us who have heard the word of God, have seen and have read the close Canon of scripture, and tells us that it is through Christ alone that we can be saved from the wrath to come and then ultimately reject Him. Every sin is a slight against the holy character of God and merits the judgment of God. But an outright rejection of God who has revealed Himself in the person of Christ, is greater. If Jesus says that the least in the kingdom is considered superior, and than the greatest among those born of women, so the least of those who would reject Him, would receive more horrendous judgment. Why? Because a greater light was given to them. They know better, we know better. It is a tragedy to suffer harm because you weren’t warned beforehand.

Years ago parang, I’ve heard in the news na there was this person, na meron siyang sasakyan, dinaan niya sa may baha. And then, ka-apelyido ko ata yun.

Dinaan niya sa may baha and then sabi niya, I was not informed so we can sympathise with him. His car suffered harm dahil he was not informed. But it would be both foolish and tragic for us if we have been informed but do not follow and as a result, suffer a greater harm. And such is the case for us who have heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. And that goes both to us believers and unbelievers alike. When we allow sin to creep into our lives, we do not just harm ourselves, but we also harm the people that is around us. We lose the credibility of our witness and we cast aside the power that brings people closer to the good news of the person and work of Christ. While you do not ultimately lose your salvation brethren, we become harmful and being a child of God, we put ourselves under the chastening and discipline of God. But for someone who would persist in unbelief, if you would at the end of your life not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. People might have been reaching out to you, proclaiming the gospel to you, telling you na tumalikod ka na sa kasalanan mo. Mag-repent ka na! Put your faith in Christ. Either you listen to them, pero you just said that okay, let’s say that’s a good message, Pastor ka ba? Or maybe you are hostile. Talagang sinasabi mo na no! Hindi ko talaga paniniwalaan yung message mo. And mind you that it is the appeal of God. God is using that person; God is God is using that brother or sister to tell you that you need to come to Christ.

And if we don’t repent of our sins, you are rejecting not just the messenger, not just the message, but God Himself. By hearing the the message of the Gospel, you are made accountable to the Lord Himself on the way you respond to His good news. But the question is John, yun nga yung concern ko eh, exactly. That is exactly my problem. I don’t have enough evidences for me to believe. Not even miracles are taking place nowadays, so what do you expect me to do? How can we have a proof? Can you go to 2 Peter 1: 16- 21. Now 2 Peter 1: 16 to 21 is often our favourite text that proves to the bukod sa 2 Timothy 3:16, to the inspiration of scripture that we would say and point to this passage and say na yes it’s not just a mere work of man— it is God giving us His word. So Peter here in this letter is addressing heresy and warning the church against false teachers reminding the believers that God has granted a church every blessing. All things that pertains to life and godliness. And he encouraged them to grow and to be diligent in confirming their calling. Why? Because the message they’ve heard is true and trustworthy. On what basis? Though Peter is a witness of Christ and His witness alone is credible because he is an apostle of Christ. But in verse 19 he said, and we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as to lamp shining in a dark place. This prophetic word does not merely come from man. Why? Sinabi sa verses 20 to 21, knowing first of all that no prophecy of scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man but man who spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. In other words, we have the written word of God. And so if you’re going to ask me my dear friend, wala ka nang proof, wala nang miracles na nangyayari ngayon, go to the word of God. And see what the word of God tells us about the Christ, about the hope that we can have as sinners. And it is in these words that we are warned and being called upon to believe in the Saviour of our souls. He is the sin-bearing substitute, suffering servant who alone can provide salvation to sinners. And to neglect and even reject the message, is to reproach His grace and His mercies.

If you haven’t turned to the Lord in repentance and faith, I urge you, come to Christ now before it’s too late. Let this not, huwag lang ito sana maging just another sermon for this day. Huwag lang sana ito mag-end na parang okay, I was able to fulfill my obligation sabi ng aking kaibigan na kristiyano for today. No. But repent of your sin if you haven’t believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Come to Him, turn away from your sins and be saved. And to my brothers and sisters, though we rejoice in our salvation, the knowledge that we have brings great responsibility as well in our plate. The faithful proclamation of His word is not merely given to you for the enjoyment of hearing sound preaching. We would even praise God and rightly so that..alam mo blessed kami kasi we hear the faithful proclamation of God’s word in our church. But it is also a calling for you to take action. It brings upon us a responsibility to heed not just the word, but as well as the warnings given to us in His word. And so my last challenge: Seriously Heed The Warnings Issued By Christ In His Word.

Too often we are more bothered by our Earthly than the state of our souls.

Yung mga Earthly concerns natin, mas nangingibabaw than our eternal concerns; thinking that if you manage to have the life that you want, you’ll be fine. In that case, remember the parable of the rich fool. Having everything that he wants, he desired to simply eat, drink, and be merry. And to such, Christ issues a warning that the one who lays up treasure for himself is not rich toward God. We could also hear and sit down to the faithful proclamation of His word and be left unmoved. That as you learn and as we have heard before the Christian life is a life of repentance and after hearing the proclamation of His word, being convicted of sin, and in the end, hindi ka magre-repent? When we recognise that our faith is fickle and nagwa-waver ang ating faith at many times. This should be an urgent concern for us. It merits the urgency for us to really pay close attention to what the Spirit through His word tells us. And so whose voice do you listen to? Do you listen to the word of God as you read His words? How are you responding to the encouragements to the warnings given by God to us in the scripture? Are we quick to listen? Are we slow to speak and slow to anger and do we receive God’s word for what it is and what it is teaching us?

In 1849, Robert Murray M’Cheyne wrote a letter to an individual who was an unbeliever. In that letter, he is calling upon the man to be saved by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. He said and I quote: “I was reading this morning   2:29 the Child Jesus into his arms. Now let us thou thy servant depart in peace according to Thy word for mine eyes have seen thy salvation. If you get a firm hold of the Lord Jesus, you will be able say the same. God is leading you to the very spot where the Redeemer is… a lowly, despised, spit upon, crucified Saviour. Can this be the Saviour of the world? Yes dear soul! Kneel down and call Him your Redeemer. He died for such as you and me.” If you were to receive that letter from M’Cheyne.. if Christ is God’s salvation and that our hope to be delivered from our sin is only found in Him, how would you respond? How would you respond to that call? And may I encourage and I hope that you would respond in the same way that the hymn goes that tells us, telling us to come, ye sinners poor and needy; weak and wounded by . Jesus is ready. He stands to save you full of pity, love and pow’r. And may our response be I will arise. I would go to Jesus because He will embrace me in His arms. In the arms of my dear Saviour, oh, there are 10,000 charms. May that be our response especially for us who haven’t believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. But for us believers, of course we do not outgrow our need of Christ. We come to Him. We likewise are sinners, identified in Christ. But we find grace in His person empowered by His Spirit, enveloped by the love of the Father.

In conclusion, the sure and consummate reign of Christ in the future. It will surely happen. He is reigning now, not yet exactly; that’s an already but not yet perspective. But He will surely reign in the future and it merits careful consideration of how we would respond to Him in the present.Let us all pray. With the words that we have heard oh Father, thank You for in the warnings You give, You show Your grace. There’s mercy available to us. May it not be too late for us oh Lord especially for those who do not believe in Christ to come upon Him and to escape the judgment that could fall upon sinners. But we thank You oh Lord for you have been so gracious to allow us to respond rightly to the light that You have given us in Christ. And so Father, may You help us. May You cause us to daily respond to Your truth. Help us see our need of Christ daily and that we would come to Him always, knowing that He calls us. Maraming salamat Panginoong Diyos. Tulungan Niyo po kami as we go about our days in our weakness, we know that we can find our strength in You in His Name we pray, amen.

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