Transcribed Sermons

30th Lord’s Day

30th Lord’s Day 3 Videos The Fasting That Fills (Matthew 6:16-18) by Bro. John Lao 37:20 #27 The Purpose of the Abrahamic Covenant by Ptr.

29th Lord’s Day

29th Lord’s Day 3 Videos A Prayer for Protection (Matthew 6:13) by Deacon Jeff Chavez of HGCBC Cavite 39:11 Man’s Free Will in the State

28th Lord’s Day

28th Lord’s Day 3 Videos Forgiven Forgivers (Matthew 6:12; 14-15) by Bro. Glen Guevara 29:13 #26 The Typology of the Abrahamic Covenant by Ptr. Xley

27th Lord’s Day

27th Lord’s Day 3 Videos Our Petition for Provision (Matthew 6:11) by Bro. Jama Javier 34:54 #25 Abrahamic Covenant Pt. 1 by Ptr. Xley Miguel